20 Healthcare Professional Blogs to Follow For 2015

Members of the healthcare industry, whether they are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or any other healthcare professional, should always have their knowledge of explorations and progress acute and updated. One easy way for them to attain this knowledge is by following the blogs and reading through different healthcare journals authored by those in their profession. Whether […]

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10 Medical Professional Blogs You Should Follow

What are the top 10 medical professional blogs you should follow on the internet? The medical field is one field that requires its members to keep their knowledge up to date with any current advancements and discoveries. Medical professionals can get this knowledge by reading blogs and journals of their colleagues. We have searched the […]

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How to answer what are your weaknesses

You are in an interview and you feel like everything is going quite smoothly. You deliver the right answers to all the technical questions, share information about your strengths, skills, experience, and other attributes. But just when you think that you are most likely to be hired, the interviewer shoots out one of the most […]

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3 Strategies for Increasing Confidence, Status, & Assertiveness

Guest post by Beth Boynton, RN, MS Confidence, status, and assertiveness are interrelated feelings and behaviors that  can be important for nurses and other healthcare professionals.  Showing confidence when performing a treatment can help a patient feel safe, expressing high status verbally and non-verbally is an effective leadership skill that ensures you are taken seriously […]

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15 Health Career Bloggers To Follow in 2015

There’s something about social media that I absolutely love; it’s personal. We get to know different people: from celebrities, organizations, CEO’s among others as human beings like we are too. One of our favorite online resources for keeping in touch with the latest healthcare career jobs are healthcare blogs. Most times, we have found ourselves checking […]

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HVAC resume That Stands Out

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning field technicians, referred to as HVAC field techs usually install, maintain and repair heating and air conditioning facilities in both residential and commercial buildings. When the weather is too cold or too hot, we depend on our ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems to keep the temperatures normal. If these […]

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