10 Bloggers To Follow For everyone In Hospitality Industry

Just like all other industries, the hospitality industry is ever evolving to meet the demands of their clients and to embrace the newest trend and innovations that might seem like a difficult task. Customers are constantly changing and are always on the lookout for the best resources to help them find and book the best places to stay when on vacation.

There are lots of online resources if you want to always be up to date with the ever changing hospitality industry. Here are 10 bloggers to follow for everyone in the hospitality industry. So read on, you will be glad you did.


Are Morch

Are morchAre Morch is a hotel blogger and a social media manager. He trains hotels on how to increase their number of clients and boost their revenue and how to ensure their customers remain happy through the use of social media and collaboration. He identifies the needs of your hotel by making use of communities, networks and tools that are in line with your hotel marketing strategies. He will help your hotel grow in:
• Hotels and Social Media
• Social Media Community
• New Market Segments
He loves cooking, camping, traveling and spending time with his horses just for fun.



innnotesNancy Hinchliff created her bed and breakfast blog to share her life as an innkeeper at the Aleksander House in “Old Louisville” Kentucky. Nancy is a writer, educator, small business owner, editor and a musician all wrapped in one. She has been innkeeping at her bed and breakfast Louisville KY for over 20 years. She mainly focuses on writing about restaurants, women issues and life in general. Her site is full of great food pictures that will surely leave any visitor on the site salivating. The blog is all about food, travel, healthy eating, special diets, kitchens, restaurants and travel activities around Kentucky.

Waiter Rant

waiter rant
Steve Dublanica is an ex-waiter who runs this blog. He writes articles about the lives of waiters and waitresses. The blog was started in 2004 and he wrote it anonymously until he had to finally give up his anonymity after the publication of his book, “The Waiter rant.” The stories in the blog are mainly about restaurants in the New York where Steve worked as a waiter.
Steve blogs about rude customers, bad tippers and conversations that occur in the hospitality industry on a normal working day. There are also articles that are outside the restaurant life under the category “observations and reflections.” He refers to his past life as a seminarian and other articles that reference his work in mental health care in a psychiatric hospital that remains anonymous all through.

A Luxury Travel Blog

A luxury travel blog
This is the blog of Dr.Paul Johnson, a member of the professional travel bloggers association. Paul has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and has traveled all over the world. This blog focuses on the best aspects of travel and it’s a great place for the person who loves traveling with some bit of class. It offers information on luxurious resorts and hotels, the finest restaurants and up to date news on the luxury travel industry.

Happy hotelier

happy hotelier
This is the blog of a passionate ex-hotelier who lives in The Hague, Netherlands. He has an interest in all the new developments in the hotel business. Be it luxury travel, design, travel and hotel gadgets and luxury hotels among others. The site was launched in 2006 and it’s been translated into different languages. On the site, you will find hotel reviews and posts about the best places to visit in the Netherlands.

Miss Expatria

miss expatria
Are you a travel addict? Then this is the blog for you. Miss expatria was launched in 2002 and she shares about her adventures in south France. She has published a book on her expat adventures and still continues to work as a freelance writer. She has also been features in several publications such as the Huffington post, wall street journal and cosmopolitan Italia. She clearly paints her life as an expatriate with the right mix of words and is honest while sharing her experiences.

Let me tell you about a hotel

Sarah is the face behind “let me tell you about a hotel.” She is captivated by the sight of a hotel and she loves everything about them. Sarah has worked in both boutique and chain hotels and says this is the best place she can make use of both her journalism and hotel management degrees all at once. These blog contains photos of places she has been and honest reviews of hotels she has visited. If you are a new traveler looking for a great hotel, then check out her site for the best reviews. Let me tell you about a hotel is your number one site for all things hotel.


Dave is a California based bar management consultant who runs this blog. If you are looking for bartending tips, then head over to this site. It has articles on how to become a bartender with some twist of humor to make the blog a great read. Looking for mixology tips? Get yourself on Therealbarman site. His articles are entertaining, well written and more important, informative.

These american servers

This is perhaps one of the most sophisticated blogs on the server blogger. It’s a stylish blog that instantly grabs your attention. Jose is a storyteller and not a ranter. The content is humorous and attention grabbing. You simply have to be there and learn some things about the hospitality industry.

Do you have some other hospitality blogs we have not mentioned? Let us know in the comments and we will add them to our list.

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