10 Bloggers to Follow If You Are In Transportation Industry

Transportation industry makes the world go round. That’s what we all in the transport industry think anyway. The best thing about the industry is one gets to see different places and things that the person who has a 9 to 5 job never gets to see. People in the transportation industry especially truck drivers live a life that’s quite different from the ordinary.

So we tracked exceptional transportation bloggers who have experiences worth sharing in the transportation industry. With the rise of the internet, getting information has become easy and this bloggers have made the lives of truck drivers and those willing to join the transportation industry a little bit easy. This could be in terms of industry trends or resume templates. Majority of the posts written by these bloggers are great sources of information that assist in both career decisions and personal aspects. Below are 10 bloggers to follow if you are in transportation industry.

Trucker Dump

trucker dump
Todd McCann is the person behind this blog. He has over 17 years experience as both a team and solo driver. The trucker dump was created as the dumping ground of the author’s thoughts about the truck driving industry. The blog has different content ranging from truck driving jobs, truck events, trucking industry tips to life as a truck driver. Through the blog, he shares his personal experiences in the industry and hopes to shed some light to his readers interested in a trucking career and those people truckers deliver goods to. He aims to make people think twice before insulting any trucker as they try to drive foolishly. And he takes himself very seriously!

The healthy trucker

The term healthy has a myriad of meanings for different people. However, each truck driver has a choice to be healthier in a given area of life. No matter what your fitness objectives are, the healthy trucker has extremely useful information that will help you in your healthy living journey.
The healthy trucker was started in 2012 during the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Their mission is quite simple: to offer tips and real advice on how to live a healthy and happy life as a truck driver.

Daniel Bridger

Daniel Bridger
Daniel started this blog in 2012 as a way of keeping himself busy when idle and bored. It was sort of a hobby for him and he provided interesting reading information that keeps truck drivers entertained and informed at the same time. As a truck driver with over 33 years experience of being on the road as a professional trainer and truck driver, Daniel offers his knowledge to his readers especially the younger truck drivers. And even with all this years of experience under his belt, he says that no one knows it all on the road. There is always something new to learn each day.
If you want to follow a veteran truck driver who gives pertinent information that will enable you to work more happily and safely, then you should be following this blog.

The Daily Rant

The daily rant
This is the blog of Salena and Eddie as they drive all over the lower 48 states and Canada. Salena and her boyfriend Eddie drive as a team and her blog as she claims is one of the longest running in the world written by a female truck driver. Her writing is witty and you will definitely fall in love with this blog. She frequently posts photos of her travels and she is always on point. You will expect your usual truck driver woman to be in tracksuits, but not Salena. She always looks stunning! Her other love is photography.

Gi-Gi Roxx

A mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend, Gi-Gi is the author of this interesting blog. She has been driving for several years as a solo driver for The Big Pumpkin. Her posts are educative and fun and you will also love the pictures that she takes on her travels. She loves to read or blog when she’s not on the road. Check out her blog.

Ask the Trucker

ask the trucker
Ask the trucker blog is written by Allen Smith who is a 34 year veteran in the trucking industry. Majority of those years have been spend as an over the road driver. He has also been a company driver, owner operator, owned and operated different successful cross country moving companies. His blog is a useful resource which touches on different topics in the trucking industry with an emphasis on the trending industry events such as the shortage of truck drivers and the significance of Obama Care on commercial drivers.

One Girl Trucking

one girl trucking
This is the blog of Bethany, a wife, blogger and truck driver among so many other things. Her blog is about her personal experiences and tips and tricks for surviving the trucking industry. The blog provides her distinct perspective as a woman and it also focuses on subjects that are not related to trucking such as cooking and gardening. This is a great blog for anyone who loves trucking and more.


Desiree is s female trucker blogger and activist whose content is geared towards the female audience. She is a highly experienced team division driver and also dedicated solo fleet driving. Her articles are mainly about raising awareness to support those women in the truck driving industry. She has co-founded REALwomenintrucking.com together with other women truck drivers and it has grown into a big community known as the Women Truckers Network (WTN).


real truck driver
This is a truck driver blog by a real truck driver. The site is made up of so many posts that cover different categories such as trucking adventures, flatbed trucking and trucking news. The blog also contains reviews of truck driving schools and the best software picks for truck drivers. With so many different topics all related to the trucking industry, real truck driver blog is surely going to inform anyone who stops by.


Cdl driver jobs is a great site for anyone who is interested in getting better paying truck driving jobs. It helps truck drivers, lease purchase drivers and owner operators get the highest paying jobs they can in the trucking industry for over 10 years. If you are looking for a truck driving job, then check out this site. You may be lucky and land a great job with super awesome benefits.
So there you are. Any blogs in the transportation industry that I left out? Let me know in the comments below.

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