10 Medical Professional Blogs You Should Follow

What are the top 10 medical professional blogs you should follow on the internet? The medical field is one field that requires its members to keep their knowledge up to date with any current advancements and discoveries. Medical professionals can get this knowledge by reading blogs and journals of their colleagues. We have searched the internet and come up with a list of the top 10 medical professional blogs you should be following whether you are healthcare professional or not. This list is also a guide for people studying to be healthcare professionals or those interested to study as medical professionals. Check them out.

The Happy MD

the-happy-mdPhysicians can easily burnout in this industry. However, Dr. Dike Drummond is dedicated to help medical professionals keep burnout at bay. He is a Mayo trained family practice physician with a distinct level of experience in coaching, medicine, personal and business development. He has gained his immense knowledge through a combination of over ten years as a family practice doctor and a business coach working with startup entrepreneurs. He has a lot of knowledge to share on how a medical professional can increase their productivity without dealing with burnout.

Common sense family doctor

Kenny-LinCommon Sense Family Doctor is a blog founded and run by a board certified family physician and public health professional. Kenny Lin practices in Washington, DC. This site is made up of common sense articles that are related to the medical field. Kenny Lin serves as a deputy editor of the journal American Family Physician. He also teaches family and preventive medicine in some leading universities such as Georgetown University School of Medicine.
This blog has high quality content that is relevant to persons in the medical professional and anyone out there seeking some knowledge on some health care issues.

Dr. Pierre’s Blog

dr pierre blogDr. Pierre is a primary care giver physician who holds a doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine. His blog contains articles that are personal experiences. Dr. Pierre allows his followers to read through his daily encounters. The doctor enjoys community service, public health and minority affairs. His objective as a medical professional is to bridge the gap between the health of the individual and that of the community. This blog contains lots of health links that is a must check as these links contain vital information about medical resources online.

Doctor Grumpy in the House

 Doctor Grumpy in the HouseDoctor Grumpy in the House takes the trophy for being the best medical blog with lots of humor. You will want to read each and every article once you land on this site. The blog shares entertaining personal stories of the author who remains anonymous all through. Since 2008, this site has been a great place for medical professionals and non medical professionals to stop by and read through the witty posts. His stories include a cast of people such as Annie (phenomenal MA), Mrs.Grumpy (the boss lady), Dr.Pissy (share office space), Frank, Craig and Marie (Grumpy tribe). This blog is just hilarious and that’s why we couldn’t leave it out of our list. Head over there to get your ribs cracked with some of the funniest medical jokes.

Doc Gurley

Doc GurleyDr. Jan is the only Harvard medical school graduate who has been awarded a Shoney’s Ten-Step Pin for her excellence in waitressing. She is not scared of approaching taboo subjects in the medical profession on her blog. Her blog contains all things medical but warns that the blog is not a visit to the doctor. The site has some bit of humor just to make it not too serious when discussing “too serious matters.”

A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor

A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a DoctorA Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor provides a funny view of life before, during and after one graduates from medical school. The bog owner Freida McFadden is often referred to as Fizzy in the blog. Majority of the posts here are illustrations about medical training process from a person who doesn’t have any artistic talent. She shares personal stories that will resonate with medical students, doctors, residents and just anyone else who is interested in knowing what really occurs in the life of a medical professional will love this blog. The stories are funny, but at the same time informative. If you are a health student, then this should be a top blog for you.


kevinmdKevin MD is a site that’s headed by a team at MedPage Today. The blog was founded by Kevin Pho in 2004 and it still maintains the name of the founder. KevinMD.com shares stories of many people who are in the healthcare system but are rarely heard from. There are more than 2,000 authors who contribute to this site all with lots of information on the medical profession. The blog has been cited by CNN, Wall Street Journal and New York Time regularly.

Waiting for MD

waiting for mdThis is a glimpse into the life of a third year medical student who shares with others this long journey of being a medical professional. The site is a part time activity that the author does to make this lonely road better for him and others who are in med school. It details past events and reflections all associated with medical school. The author started the blog as a way to keep track of his thoughts and feelings that revolve towards his education. It’s a great site for all med school students who may sometimes doubt their decision to become doctors.


glasshospitalDr. John Henning Schumann is the founder of Glasshospital. He is a doctor (a general internist and he is also the Gussman chair in internal medicine in the University of Oklahoma). He has served as a faculty member in teaching schools in Boston and Chicago working towards improving patient’s experiences. His blogs aims at demystifying medicine and healthcare experience for both doctors and patients.

Disruptive Women

disruptive-womenDisruptive Women is such a game changer in the medical professional blogs. It’s a women’s blog that’s educates and informs with each and every single post. It started as a simple blog to give women a voice in the medical profession and it has now turned into a powerful statement for women’s health and female medical professionals. The blog contains work of over 100 contributors from all over the world. You will definitely find something that you love to read in this blog.
Apart from just being a force to reckon with online, the disruptive women community holds forums regularly and book discussions on controversial health policy topics.
So there you have. Feel free to recommend any other blogs you feel we have left out in this list on the comments.

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