15 Health Career Bloggers To Follow in 2015

There’s something about social media that I absolutely love; it’s personal. We get to know different people: from celebrities, organizations, CEO’s among others as human beings like we are too. One of our favorite online resources for keeping in touch with the latest healthcare career jobs are healthcare blogs. Most times, we have found ourselves checking those blogs severally to get some reliable information in the healthcare niche. Healthcare career blogs are invaluable to everyone in the healthcare field. They provide unique information and a personal touch into the complexities of the healthcare system while at the same time offering job opportunities in the field.

CAREERTo complete the remaining bit of 2015 and beyond, we decided to compile a list of our favorite bloggers in the health care niche. By following this health career bloggers, you can get up-close-and-personal information on how to climb up this industry.

With the number of bloggers growing exponentially, it can often be tough to hear through all the commotion. However, there are some select healthcare experts whose blogs provide some of the best information in the industry.
We would love to share our top Health Career Bloggers with you! We have scanned the web and picked only the top 15 to compile this list. Each of this blogs is a treasure on its own right.

Cube Rules

Scot Herrick will help you transition from a recent graduate to a corporate career. This is just not your ordinary career blog. It provides personalized attention to an individual who needs to master all the ropes of employment. From landing your first job, being successful in the job and finally building job security as an employee. Starting out or simply want some guidance? This guy will sort you out.

Campus To Career

campus to career
Kirk Baumann is a passionate recruiter advocate. So if you have just graduated, almost graduating or simply looking for a job, his blog should be where you first stop. Are you bouncing back to the corporate world and don’t know where to get started; his blog will help you settle for a job that’s worth your time, skills and effort.

Steven Aitchison

steven Aitchison
You have to have positive thoughts to change your life. As deep as this may be, you need to act on those thoughts. Read what Steven Aitchison has to say about this on his personal blog.

CollegeRecruiter Blog

collegerecruiter blog
Are you are recruiter searching for recent graduates and students? Or are you a recent graduate or student searching for a job? Search no more! Faith Rothberg blog helps polish up resumes; critique your resume to get the jobs you are searching for. The days of moving from office to office blindly searching for a job are long gone.

The Branding Muse

Even corporate organizations market themselves, so why shouldn’t you? Emmelie De La Cruz guides you through this tricky aspect of bragging about yourself but in a professional manner. If you do not get yourself out there, who else will? Get up and market yourself.


Anna Runyan has a blog that is geared towards satisfying the needs of women. She provides free webinars, coaching and courses that are meant to empower ladies to get up and move up the corporate world.


The team at ThinkSimpleNow are masters at positivity in the mind. If you want to be successful in your career, you have to be happy about it. If tough times weigh you down so much that you cannot bounce back to happiness, then you need to check on your attitude. ThinkSimpleNow can help you with attitude change.

Job Search Ninja

Everybody wants to be a ninja in whatever they do. Yes, even in the work place. You want to give your best and get appraisals at the end of the year. Well, Todd Bavol’s blog is your one stop blog for all the advice you need to be successful in your health care career and even outside the health niche. Get everything right from your skills to relationships in the work place!

Interview IQ

Karalyn Brown has worked as a HR and recruitment consultant and her blog provides tips that show you how to improve your interview skills. You need to prove yourself during your interview to land the job you are interested in. She crafts appealing LinkedIn profiles and cover letters that will help you land your dream job.


freakishly productive
Thought being productive means you will always be bored? Well, you need to check Annie Mueller’s site and trust me, you will want to be a freak all the time. You can be productive in your workplace and still have fun while at it.


There is no denying that social media has its place in the workplace. You need to learn how to use it appropriately for the success of your business and TalentCulture will provide the help you need to make it work for you.

Introvert whisperer

You want to get your dreams to reality, it’s time to network. Yes, you will need to learn to talk to people in the right way to ace that interview you are so scared of. Take charge of your destiny in the workplace.

Corn On The Job

Rich deMatteo blog is a serious blog for professionals with a twist of humor you will surely love. As an experienced staffing professional, he shares his experiences that provide insight to anyone wishing to join the workforce.

Great Leadership

great leaders
In whatever career path you chose, you have to plan to be a leader. Being a leader does not mean you have to be a CEO or anything close to that. Dan McCarthy ‘s site provides all the information you need to enhance your leadership skills.

GDT Times

Getting Things Done (GDT). You need to get things out of your mind and work on them. Do not simply keep ideas in the mind. Even If you find the whole system quite complicated, there are some concepts that you will find helpful. David Allen guides you through the GDT system and how others have successfully used it.


We think you will agree this are the top 15 Health Career Bloggers To Follow in 2015 as we see them as the movers and shakers. These Bloggers will offer a unique perspective as we all work towards moving our careers into the right direction. Who are your favorite bloggers? We would like to know who you would add to this list and why.

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