20 Healthcare Professional Blogs to Follow For 2015

Members of the healthcare industry, whether they are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or any other healthcare professional, should always have their knowledge of explorations and progress acute and updated. One easy way for them to attain this knowledge is by following the blogs and reading through different healthcare journals authored by those in their profession. Whether it is a doctor’s personal blog that resonates the challenges he or she faces on a daily basis, or a professional blog from a top brand dedicated to share news of the different current and new healthcare policies, healthcare blogs in general are highly valuable for every individual working in this industry.

With their personal touch and exceptional consolidation of details, these healthcare bloggers help you understand the innumerable voices in the healthcare system. We have sourced the internet for the best 20 healthcare professional blogs currently available. This list of blogs will act as a great resource for anyone studying or working in the healthcare industry. We have also categorized the blogs to make it even more convenient for you to find the ones associated with your profession in the field.

General Healthcare, Policies, and News Blogs

The Health Care Blog

the healthcare blog

This blog comprises of a wide assortment of articles pertinent to the medical community. Being into existence since the year 2003, the blog has covered every single topic in the healthcare industry, from the technology in healthcare, to economics, health care policies, physicians, the future of the industry, and more. Several healthcare professionals contribute to the blog their knowledge and experience, providing you with some useful information with varied perspectives on the industry. If you want to know what makes this blog so special, that the Wall Street Journal has called it “the leading insider voice in the field”, give it a visit and look for yourself.

Healthcare Leadership Blog

healthcare leadership blog

The Healthcare Leadership Blog was established by those individuals who were responsible for the #HCLDR tag that helped develop an online community of individuals, including nurses, physicians, IT professionals and also students, who are passionate about improving healthcare. Created in 2012 by Lisa Fields and Colin Hung, the blog was basically a space for people to discuss issues in the field through social media. Unlike many other healthcare blogs that involve only those from the industry, this blog invites everyone who cares about health and the industry to share their insights. One such informative and interactive post we came across on the blog is Information Overload & Healthcare’s Direction.

CloudView Blog

cloudview blog

Run by Athena Health, the CloudView blog offers great analysis and insights on different categories in healthcare to help health systems and physicians in learning about the current best practices and issues in healthcare. The different categories covered in the blog include healthcare policies and reforms, analytics research, interoperability, etc. When you visit the CloudView blog, you are sure to find a comprehensive array of topics you would require to fuel your career.

Everything Health

everything health

Toni Brayer, an Internal Medicine physician with more than twenty years of experience in the field, uses her blog Everything Health to talk about the changes happening in healthcare, medicine, and science. She deciphers even complex topics into simple discussions, making it easy for any reader to follow. If you wish to gather more knowledge on health, but not familiar with different medical terms, this is one excellent blog you can go through.

The Population Health Blog

the populartion health blog

The Population Health Blog is a great health resource that offers links to peer reviews, and jargon-free insights and information disease management, population health, chronic illness, health insurance, informatics, and much more. The author of this blog, Jaan Sidorov, is a highly experienced professional in the field, and is also a great speaker. In this blog, he shares all his musings of the healthcare industry with the world, which act as great experience-based opinions to new comers.

Physician or Doctor Blogs

Love Medicine Again

love medicine again

Dr. Starla Fitch helps her fellow doctors to associate with what matters most in health care through this blog. The blog is helpful not just for doctors, but for each and every individual working in the medical industry. Dr. Starla helps you understand the situations you face at work and respond to them more truthfully and empathetically. She has a positive outlook on everything happening in the field and encourages you, through her articles, to have similar outlook, giving you the most needed encouragement and inspiration. If you are one of those medical professional suffering from physical burnout, Love Medicine Again blog is the best place for you to get help in lowering your stress levels and attain complete satisfaction in your job.

db’s Medical Rants

db's medical rants

Dr. Robert M. Centor (db) uses this blog as a representation of his thoughts on the medical field. db’s Medical Rants is one blog we were able to see in the blogroll of many other healthcare professional blogs. The matters he talks about include weight and fitness, internal medicine, malpractices in the industry, pharma, medical education, and not to forget, medical rants. Though the blog was established in 2002, it has been more active during the last couple of years. Dr. Robert now updates the blog twice or thrice a week, giving you lots of information to access at all times.

33 Charts

33 charts

33 Charts is the blog run by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian who is a pediatrician and one of the most powerful voices on medicine and technology, as he is regularly invited to speak on these areas. With interest in translating medical information for public knowledge, he uses this blog to talk about the connection between medicine and technology. The different categories Dr. V covers in 33 Charts are inclusive of social media, patients, medical education, hospitals, future medicine, digital culture, etc.

Dr. Wes

dr. wes

Westby G. Fisher, referred to as Dr. Wes on the blog, is a certified cardiologist and internist who shares his musings in life on this blog. Started in 2005, this blog now has hundreds of posts on different healthcare topics, and has been featured in a lot of other healthcare professional blogs as well. Dr. Wes’s musings range from healthcare news, to personal stories, to discussions on controversial issues.

Mothers in Medicine

mothers in medicine

Mothers in Medicine, as the name implies, is a healthcare professional blog rub by a group of mothers who are also employed in the healthcare industry. This blog is a great inspiration for women who are juggling between their family life and professional life, especially in the medical industry, because these bloggers undergo the same circumstances 24/7. The blog also contains posts in which they answer critical health questions from readers who are in need of serious help. In addition, you will also come across posts related to physical burnout, breastfeeding, tips on becoming a doctor, and more. And if you want to know how these ladies balance their personal and professional lives, follow the blog and read their personal stories to gather some pointers.

Healthcare Technology Blogs

Electronic Health Reporter

electronic health reporter

Authored by Scott Rupp, an individual with a passion for technology in healthcare, the Electronic Health Reporter blog comprises of commentary and news on the topic. If you are looking for stories and news about healthcare technology, or opinions from industry experts, Scott’s blog is the ideal place to be. Occasionally, the blog features posts on a few topics that are not related to healthcare as well. With hands on experience in writing for various healthcare technology publications, Scott makes sure that his blog is filled with ample information and knowledge.

The EHR Guy’s Blog

the ehr guy's blog

An Enterprise Architect for Healthcare IT, Michael Planchart, is the creator and manager of this blog, which mainly focuses on topics related to the interoperability of healthcare industry with Information Technology. Michael’s articles are a combination of his personal opinions and health technology advice with a bit of humor. One informative article on the blog is What Healthcare Can Learn from the Latest Hack Attacks. If you are looking for information and insights on topics similar to this, do visit The EHR Guy’s Blog.



Managed by a group of biomed engineers and MDs, the MedGadget blog has detailed news and insights on new medical technology. You can get information on the current trends in healthcare IT as well as peep into the potential future developments of the same. The different categories covered by these bloggers are nanomedicine, surgery, cardiology, military medicine, radiology, etc. With a firm position in the list of top 100 healthcare blogs, MedGadget is something you should definitely visit if you are in the medical industry.

Health IT Buzz

health IT buzz

The Health IT Buzz blog contains all necessary information on health technology, brought to you by ONC. Instead of discussing about all different developments in healthcare IT, this blog focuses solely on the transition from paper to electronic health records (EHRs). So if you have any question related to this topic and need them answered by industry experts and scholars, this will be your go-to resource.

The Healthcare IT Guy

the healthcare IT guy

Shahid Shah, an award winning Bio IT and health IT specialist with more than twenty five years of experience in writing, speaking, and technology strategy, shares his viewpoint on the current innovations in health and medical technology. From government regulations to cloud computing, this bloggers tries his best to cover it all when it comes to healthcare IT.

Nursing Blogs

The Makings of a Nurse

the makings of a nurse

This is one of the best nursing blogs you can follow if you are interested in joining the healthcare industry as a nurse. Run by Kristine, also known as Nurse Teeny uses the blog to share her every day journey to becoming the nurse she always wanted. Being into existence since 2007, when Kristine applied for nursing school, she has documented every step of her journey till date, helping individuals like her achieve their dreams.

The Nerdy Nurse

the nerdy nurse

Brittney Wilson, the “nerdy nurse”, is passionate about nursing informatics and latest health technologies. This registered nurse is so much interested in technology, that she includes so many articles on her blog combining healthcare and technology. Brittney is also the author of a book named The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology, in which she describes her work in medical technology. Also, she includes some basic yet useful information for nurses on her blog, such as choosing the best clipboards for nurses, tips to avoid back injury as a nurse, and alike.

Healthcare Policy Blogs

Healthcare Economist

healthcare economist

This blog is authored and managed by Jason Shafrin, who owns a Ph.D. in Economics and works as a healthcare economist at Precision Health Economics. He uses his blog to express his personal views on the various developments in healthcare policies and the health insurance market as a whole. Additionally, Jason also includes posts on Medicare research and gives importance to the opinions of other experts in the field. If you are looking to gather some useful information on health insurance or Medicaid, have a look at the Healthcare Economist.

Health Populi

health populi

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, the creator of Health Populi, is a management consultant and health economist who talks about link between technology and healthcare. Working with clients from different fields like technology, financial services, medical devices, etc., she uses her knowledge and experience gained from her work to help normal individuals as well as others involved in the industry. The different topics discussed in the blog include medical technology, health social networks, electronic health, banks and health, and behavioral economics.

Global Health Policy Blog

global health policy blog

Sponsored by the Center for Global Development, the Global Health Policy Blog concentrates on exactly what its name implies – global health policies. Started in the year 2004, the blog contains articles on a wide variety of health policy topics, authored by experts from the medical industry. The various healthcare issues discussed on this blog include development of vaccines, health financing, clinical trials, AIDS, and a lot more.

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