3 Simple Tips For Improving Your Executive Assistant Resume

This article will focus on what makes a great executive assistant resume. The tips shared in this article are commonly omitted in many resumes. What to put in the resume to help you highlight your application from other applicants shall be in this article


  • Make sure your level of experience is described properly on the resume. It is difficult to support an executive who leads thousands of employees rather than one who leads ten. So write down a list, add your experience and make sure you are applying for the right position.


  • It is important for an executive assistant to be proficient with computers and software programs so make sure you demonstrate this in your resume. Usually to know MS office is often enough. However, your role may require you to be responsible for account receivable and payables, you will need to have solid time with accounting software.
  • Regardless of tech support an executive assistant often needs to be playing role of a tech support. Make sure you list experience with trouble tickets, calling tech support in your resume.
  • It is very important to include your typing skills; an executive assistant should be able to type proficiently. This skill also supports productivity, as most of your as an executive assistant would involve typing.


  • You should be able to attend to multiple demands successfully; you should be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously. A statement showing that should be added to the resume.


  • Should have a great command over a language or more than one as an advantage.
  • Should have incredible communication skills and interpersonal skills. Strong interpersonal skills are vital since executive assistants are required to deal with different people throughout the company at all levels. Present an experience from your past jobs to show an example of this skill in your resume.

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