Call Center Resume Samples That Will Attract Recruiters

If you are a persuasive individual, then being a call center operator best suits you. The job description of a call center operator in both an inbound and outbound call center varies from one industry to another but there are some tasks and skills that are common in all call centers irrespective of the company. Call center operators make a very important contribution to the satisfaction of customers by offering a fast, efficient and courteous service to callers.

Call Center Job Description

call center operatorA call center operator answers questions from customers by email or telephone. You are also expected to take orders, handle complaints, troubleshoot problems and provide the needed information. You can do this by text, post or fax. For you to be a good call center operator, you will need to have exceptional customer care skills. You have to be clear and very friendly while on phone. Dealing with customers may be difficult sometimes, but you need to always have a professional attitude.
You should also have great personal attributes such as confidence and excellent telephone manners.

Duties of a call center operator

As a call center operator, you will be able to work in different sectors and your duties and responsibilities will vary according to where you are working. Here are the main duties of a call center operator.

Call handling

This is the main duty of a call center operator no matter what company you are working for. However, there are some clients who may choose to contact call centers by email, webchat, text messages or instant messaging. It is the duty of a call center operator to get back to the customers who use such communication channels. When customers make calls, call center operators will bring up their details on the computer screen so that they can make a reference to the sales and records of service and identify any previous matter that may alter the response. After the call is over, call center operators will update customer records with the right details of inquiry and the response given.

Call resolution

Call center operators aim to always handle a customer’s inquiries on the first call. You will take a clients order, provide a quotation, resolve technical questions by telephone or arrange a service call. If you are not able to deal with the issue immediately, it is important to plan to give the client a call later when you have the correct information. It is important that as a call center operator you ensure that your client receives a response that will satisfy them.

Outbound calls

During quiet times, a call center agent may make outbound calls. You may make a courtesy call to a client to inquire whether they were satisfied with the service offered. You may also call clients who have recently bought a specific product to offer them information on other products that are similar so as to increase sales.

Call Center Resume Sample

Competent Call Center Agent

Name: Milka Peter

Phone Number: 020- 453-98765

Statement Objective:
Looking for a Call Center Operator Position in your reputed company where I can use my skills and high experience for the benefit of the company.
• Type 100 words/min
• Excellent computer skills
• Detail oriented
• Great sales and marketing skills
• Very polite and patient naturally
• Able to deal with customers from diverse social classes
• Good communication skills
Work history:
  Office Assistant at Happy traders Company California, June 2007 – Present
Responsibilities and Duties:
• dealing with clients complaints effectively
• achieving the monthly set goals and even surpassing the
• regularly following up customers
• handling calls from clients in a professional manner
• calling customers and offering them the newest products
• replying to all clients emails, instant messages and online chats
• Awarded as the best office assistant 2 times in a year
• Over passing the monthly targets set
• Bachelor of commerce graduate from Masters university
• Associate degree in marketing
• Diploma in Public Relations

Available upon request.

Call center writing resume tips

To get a job that is perfect, you should market yourself, and market yourself properly! A resume is one of the most vital tools for self marketing. Your resume is your promotional brochure. It highlights your experiences and accomplishments for potential call center employers and you should emphasize the skills and experience that employers are mostly interested in. Here are some tips that will help you come up with a call center resume that will catch the recruiter’s attention.
Use the right keyword in your resume.
Keywords for a call center resume may include efficient, effective, skillful, qualified, competent and experienced. For instance, “skillful and competent call center operator.”
Always keep it short and concise.
Avoid lengthy paragraphs. If possible make it one page or two if necessary. Do not print the backside of your paper.
Emphasize your most competent skills and achievements
When describing your previous work responsibilities, be keen on empathizing on your most competent skills. Recruiters prefer candidates who are confident with outstanding verbal and communication skills, flexible and have strong team working abilities. If you have experience in a related job description such as a receptionist, make sure you include it in your resume.
Avoid unnecessary details
Include your hobbies and personal interests if they relate to the position you would like to take up.
Include any relevant courses and degrees under education.
Ensure you proofread your resume to avoid any grammatical errors and to check correct spelling. If your resume contains errors, the employer will interpret it as not enough attention to detail and your resume may end up in the trash bin.
Here are  some call center resume samples that will attract recruiters

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