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Sales Associate Job Description, Duties, And Salary

Sales associates are usually employed by large departmental stores and small specialty stores. Sales associate job description include quality and courteous service to customers. The sales associate job is a high demand occupation since there are so many stores that require their services. A lot of stores employ sales associates to sell and market their […]

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Retail Sales Associate Resume That Is Well Thought

Retail sales associates are found in different retail venues and different locations from very small retail stores to larger superstores in shopping malls. This is a job that is very interactive with the customers meaning that as a sales associate you should have very good customer communication skills. Retail sales associate writing tips A retail […]

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How To Write A Cashier resume – Examples And Tips

A cashier resume is normally a combination of short and more so informative bullet phrases that are under various headings like achievements, skills, abilities, qualifications, education awards and relevant experience. Cashier usually don’t require much difficult skills and it’s sometimes difficult to stand out from applicants. Basics Of Writing Resume For Cashier Position If you […]

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Customer Service Resume Tips and Examples

When writing a resume for customer service job, there are some important things that you have to put into consideration. Here we provide you with some helpful tips that you have to know in order to come up with the best resume. Normally, first impression plays a key role in determining the interviewer’s decision on your […]

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