Child Care Resume Samples That Pop

childcare workerA child care worker takes care of children while their parents are way or working. As a childcare worker, you are expected to take care of children’s everyday needs and keep them safe. These needs may include grooming them, diapering infants and toddlers, feeding, medical appointments and any other activities and making sure that children do their homework.
When children are out of school during summer, child care workers take care of older children as well as younger ones for the whole day as parents are away at work.

Child Care Worker Resume Writing Tips

Your child care worker resume is your only chance to show an employer the best of who you really are. It’s all about selling your skills and experience, and showing them that you are the best person for that job. Unlike most careers such as a receptionist or an administrative assistant, a resume for a child care worker is different from any other profession. Apart from the applicant listing their professional accomplishments, a lot of emphasis is usually placed on personality and understanding how the applicant relates with children in team work. For a hiring manager to evaluate adequately how well a daycare worker performs on the job, a childcare worker resume should have these main components: skills, certifications, work experience and recommendations.

This section should list a set of skills that are related to child care such as preparations of meals, caring for children with special needs and ability to keep confidential information. A good child care worker needs to be good in communication with not only children, but also with their parents. Having you main skills listed at the top of your resume gives the employer a good idea of who you are personally and how you react to different situations.

Degrees and certifications
Your degrees and certifications should be listed in a descending order in your resume. Degrees that are related to childcare are the most sought after in this field.

Work experience
You should list your work experience in your resume from the most recent to the earliest. Avoid listing babysitting jobs unless you were working in a professional organization or you do not have any other work experience.

Recommendations are different from professional references. Do not list them directly in your resume rather, have separate letters of recommendations from previous employers. Here are some child care resume samples that pop.

Child Care Worker Resume Sample #1


675 Ocean Street ● Houston, TX 2348● (009)444-2626 ●

Looking for a position as a Child Care Worker to give children essential care and education to be exceptional learners. Enthusiastic to provide an environment that is inspiring and safe that caters for a Child’s individual needs.

• 1 year experience in child care
• A valid Texas drivers license
• CPR trained (infant and child)

• Highly skilled in providing affection and safety to kids
• Skilled in the preparation of well balanced child friendly meals
• Able to direct children in eating, play time and resting.
• Able to keep confidential information properly
• Skilled in handling children with special needs.
• Able to set the right boundaries with families

• Very flexible
• Multitasking
• Able to make quick decisions in case of urgent matters
• Can deal with emergency situations

Texas Child Care Agency – May 2012 – To Present

Child Care Worker
• Supervised all kids activities
• Prepared and served children’s meals using the provided meals
• Attended all the staff trainings and meetings
• Offered first aid training to children when needed
• Dealt with children with emotional problems and solved the issues
• Ensured children participated in their daily activities
• Did housekeeping and laundry chores

Texas Community College
Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Development

Child Care Job Description

Typically, a child care worker takes care of all the needs of the child they are employed to take care of. As a child care worker, you are supposed to keep children active, play with them games and discipline them when needed. When the misbehavior is very serious, you are expected to report back to their parents for further action. A childcare worker also creates enrichment activities for the children they take care of and helps them learn the basic concepts as they get ready to join kindergarten.
There are child care workers who work in day care centers and those usually have a structured curriculum as well as regular daily schedules for the children they are taking care of. Those childcare workers who work from home often do not have any structure, but they must meet the similar standards.
A child care worker introduces children to the basic concepts of life such as manners and etiquette by playing with them and explaining to them the accepted norms. By using play, child care workers are also able to help children develop. For example, they can use storytelling to teach kids basic vocabulary and language. They also teach children social skills by having children learn how to share their toys and also how to interact.

Child Care Duties

As a child care worker, your duty is to take care of children whose parents are not available. You are expected to monitor and supervise the safety of the children you are taking care of, prepare for them well balanced meals and organize for their snack time. You should also help the children maintain proper hygiene and change babies and toddlers diapers when necessary. If you are working from a home environment, it is important to organize time and let the kids learn about the world and also explore their various interests. Work out a routine and schedule that ensures children have the needed physical activity, playtime and rest. Be on the lookout for any developmental or emotional problems in children and let the parents know in case you notice any unusual signs. Always keep a record of the children’s progress, routines and their interests.

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