Customer Service Resume Tips and Examples

ResumeCustomerServiceWhen writing a resume for customer service job, there are some important things that you have to put into consideration. Here we provide you with some helpful tips that you have to know in order to come up with the best resume. Normally, first impression plays a key role in determining the interviewer’s decision on your particular application. When applying for any type of employment opportunity, the first step in creating a good impression is by writing a good resume. In most cases, employers received tons of applications and they have very limited time and resources to make thorough examination of each and every service resume they received. If they skimp through your resume and immediately found errors or nothing impressive, there is a high chance that they will reject you right the way. You might never get another chance to show your capability and qualifications. This is because resume is usually a quick reflection of qualification a person has ability and experience. In the case of resume, you want to create a customized resume which is specific to this field of work.

Skills to Include in Your Customer Service Resume Are..

  • Years of experience should be highlighted.
  • Make sure that you have a list leadership experiences that you might have been given in various companies.
  • Any impact that you made on company’s sales and satisfaction of the customer as a result of your service can greatly boosts your resume.
  • Any activities related to public speaking should be mentioned.
  • Skills of communication are normally given a lot of attention in this field. It is normally crucial when mentioned on a resume.
  • As a candidate you have to make a list of your honors and achievements in your previous job. It is also important for you to mention any customer service certification you have.
  • List specific tasks or projects that you participated in that provided improvements to the customer service programs. If such improvements led to any positive impact such as higher efficiency, better customer satisfaction ratings, make you you list them in the resume as well. Most of the companies look for candidate who is dynamic, motivated, and passionate about his/her jobs. Keep this in your mind.
  • Apart from knowing the above helpful tips, when you are in the process of writing your resume, it is of great importance for you to choose the writing style and the language cautiously. The keyword selection and the kind of emphasis you put on your resume for customer service could do some wonders. Keep in your mind also that you have to use targeted phrases like:
    • I am well motivated to ensure that I have build relationships which are productive.
    • I am passionate in providing maximum quality and also assistance to the customers.

In conclusion, these important tips for writing a good resume are of great importance to you. It will enable you to get to a better position so you can reach higher! So, if you are planning to write you customer service CV and cover letter, give it some thoughts and incorporate the tips you learned here.


Resume sample #1

Kem James, 00100, Main Ave, Texas, 020 666-45234                           

OBJECTIVE: A position in the department of customer service.


  • Outstanding skills of customer service; a diplomat and always patient with different types people and the levels of organization.
  •  Well organized, also with a good attention to each and every detail and follow-up.
  • Very flexible, have got the ability and also willing to familiarize with new things.
  • Computer literate.


As a representative of customer service for RAYSTAR CO;

  • Rise in the accounts number at the Market Business centers by over 60% hence well motivated to ensure that I have build relationships which are productive.
  • Came up with an efficient and easy method in using the account files of the customer in relation with the upcoming services and also promotions.
  • Responded quickly to the inquiries that were made by the customers through calls by assessing them and looking for the best solutions for their problems hence passionate in providing the maximum quality and also the assistance to the customers.
  • Balanced each and every received receipt with the tapes of the daily register; gave out the weekly as well as the monthly reports on the total sales to the management team by the use of the Excel spreadsheet.


2010-present     Clerk                                                          SMART COMPANY, New York

2008-2010          Customer service representative         RAYSTAR CO, Texas

2005-2008          Clerk                                                           PERFECT SERVICES, Texas


Smart college of Professionals, UK

Resume Sample #2

Harry King




Looking for an opportunity to work at a reputed company as a customer care representative


  • 3 + Years of experience in the same field.
  • Able to multitask as needed
  • Excellent decision making and strong analytical skills
  • In depth knowledge of technical support
  • Able to use internet for purposes such as online research and stat generation                                                                                                                            


  • Accenturate (2010-present)
    • Responsible for handling complex customer problems
    • Solved cross function issues form customers
    • Managed interviews with new employees
    • Responsible for leading team of 20 – 25
    • Developed incentives that may help meet goals.                 

Special Skills

Multilingual: English, French and Japanese


Bachelor’s degree on Arts 07′, Diploma in computer administration


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