Event Coordinator Resume That Is Exceptional

Although it may look like all fun planning and performing an event, it is a demanding job too. It is fun but tasking. An event coordinator mainly plans different types of events which range from cooperate events to small home events. Since there are so many types of events to coordinate, one can choose to specialize in a specific sector. As an event coordinator, you will do everything to make the event a success from booking a venue up to the end of the event. Often, big companies hold events that require heavy planning. When a company plans such an event, they usually have their event manager in mind or they may decide to hire a professional event coordinator.

Resume writing tips for an event coordinator

•Make your resume easy to read. Do not just write a whole block of text. Divide your resume into different sections and where possible include subsections. Use short sentences, paragraphs and bullet points.
•Your contact information should be included at the top part of your resume – full names, phone number, postal address and email.
•Begin with one or two sentences that summarize your key traits that are relevant to the job you are applying for and your career goals. Make sure to mention your personal traits which may include: strong customer focus, ability to work with limited budgets among others.
•Write a convincing statement objective and follow by listing your key professional activities.

•Under every employer, write down your major achievements while you worked with them. Where possible give numbers to quantify your statements. For example, I organized 30 events in three months…
•If you attended seminars, workshops and trainings ensure you include them. However they should be relevant to the job you are applying for.
•Always include those special skills that make you an excellent event planner and they may be of benefit to the recruiter.
•Write a short resume. Most hiring managers have heaps of resumes on their desks and so they do not have the time to go through many pages of your resume. A long resume will likely lead to loss of interest as the recruiter goes through it and chances are that they will not complete reading it.

event-coordinatorHere is a sample of an event coordinator resume that is exceptional. Use it to create yours that is even better!

Event Coordinator Resume Sample #1

Taylor Wayne
247 Cobblestone Drive
Cleveland, Ohio
Telephone: (004)-444-54321

I am a dedicated and goal oriented event coordinator with over 7 years experience planning and coordinating different types of events. I have a record of always keeping within the discussed budget with my clients when organizing an event. I am always available for travel when needed.
Objective Statement: Seeking for a job as an event coordinator to utilize my administrative and coordination skills for the growth of the company and my personal development.
•Knowledgeable about different venues and vendors
•Skilled in managing different types of events
•Good knowledge of the procedures needed in managing big events
Beats Entertainment– New York, NY June 2008 – Sep 2012
Event Coordinator
•Planned and performed events for individuals and big companies
•Gave clients different types of locations to set up their event
•Gave estimates for budgets to clients
•Liaised with managers and caterers
•Made available the needed materials for the success of the events
Major Accomplishments

•Planned and organized a marketing campaign that brought 10% of new corporate clients
•Was awarded best event coordinator of the year 2010
Party world Company – Garrison, NY Jan 2006 –June 2008
Event Assistant
•Welcomed, greeted and directed guests
•Set up tables and decorations
•Designed event signage
Key Accomplishments

•Entered event information in computer systems that reduced inefficiencies
•Delivered event equipment in time which decreased complaints from 30% to 10 % per month
Associate degree in Hotel Management – 2002

Job description

event coordinators discussing
An event coordinator organizes events from scratch to the end. Some events that they can organize are festivals, product launches, fairs, conferences, promotions, fundraising and social events.
Most event coordinators work freelance, but there are those who work for event management companies, public, and private and not for profit sectors. The work of an event organizer is hands on and it mainly involves team work. As an event coordinator, you should be able to accomplish various activities that need excellent communication skills, keen attention to detail and good organizational skills. Even under pressure you are expected to carry out your duties well, so that an event is efficiently and smoothly run.
The job description of an event coordinator will change depending on the event you are handling, but most of the responsibilities are similar.

Job duties

The work of an event organizer is not easy. Their duties are many but it’s a fun job. If you are social, well organized and good at planning, this might be the perfect job for you. You will research different markets so that you can get the available chances for events. After getting a client who has an event, you will liaise with them so that you know what their exact requirements for their event are.
Where necessary, offer suggestions to ensure their requirements are catered for. Give the client clearly stated details for the event such as budget, venues, timelines and supplies. Agree to manage the budget for the client which will involve negotiating the type and costs of services that will be offered, secure and book a good location for the event and make sure that insurance, legal and health and safety precautions are properly set.
You will also neatly and beautifully organize the location ensuring that it is set up properly in relation to seating and décor. Also work together with the manager to ensure that the right numbers of staff members are on duty and the catering staff to help in planning the menu.
Ensure you have effective and clear communication with other service providers such as the transport companies and plan for car parking, traffic control and security facilities. Prepare papers and packs for delegates, talk with people who are into marketing to help in promoting the event and organize with designers and clients to come up with a brand for the event. In case a problem arises, find the best solution as far as possible to ensure the event runs smoothly. After the event, you are also expected to supervise dismantling and clearing of the venue.

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