Exceptional Waiter Resume That Earns You An Interview

Whether you are taking up a waiter job to put yourself through school or you are a career waiter, getting a job as a waiter can both be rewarding and challenging. We cannot argue that being a waiter is one of the easiest jobs, but you can earn a decent income while working as one. Just as waiters are not similar, so are the different restaurants and bars, every establishment has different requirements that they expect their waiters to meet before they can actually get a job. However, what every establishment needs is a great waiter. A good waiter will make clients happy and they will want to always return to the establishment.

Waiter writing tips

Let numbers do the talking
Employers usually want exact details of what you are talking about. A good waiter is usually a good sales person. Avoid plain statements. For example, anyone can say, “I have over 5 years experiences working as a waiter and I easily relate to people.” This statement is absolutely correct by all means, but it’s not convincing.
A better way to say this could be, “I have over 5 years experience working as a professional waiter. In 2013, I sold $300,000 worth of food and beverages and my average earning was $70,000. I get about 30% tips and I am very friendly. See! This is great! Numbers will make you stand out of the crowd.

Name the establishment that you previously worked for

It is important to include the names and positions you held at the other establishments you worked in because the recruiter may want to know what kind of setting you worked in before. When a recruiter glances at your previous work stations, they will have an idea of what kind of restaurant you worked in, the type of food you served and the level of professionalism and expertise that you possess. This will also help them gauge your skill level and attitude as a waiter.
Write down fine dining designations
If you have certificates that are related to your experience as a waiter, list them down in a “designations” section. You may be highly knowledgeable about a specific regions cuisine or you are a sommelier. Just pick what you are confident in, and include it in your resume to set you apart from everyone else.
waiter resume

Expound on your customer service skills
Most restaurants not only want to serve great food and drink but they also want to leave their patrons with a memorable experience. Curve out a customer service section in your resume and describe particular cases showing your attention to detail when it comes to serving customers in restaurants. Let the hiring manager know that you always aim to please and create a relaxed environment for customers to become familiar with the restaurant offerings so as to make the right recommendations for patrons.
Highlight your leadership skills
A lot of restaurants use a team approach for effective customer care. Write down your teamwork capabilities that will show your ability to, work well with others while at the same time offering high levels of service. Highlight any leadership roles that you have held in your previous work experiences and explain exactly what you did as the leader.
This is one place where references can really play a major role. Most restaurants often hire their staff on recommendation basis or through word of mouth. Employers may want to talk to your previous employers or supervisors. Write a down your references with their names, titles and contact information. Ensure that you let them know in advance so that they are not got off guard in case they are called.
Here is a sample of an exceptional waiter resume that earns you an interview.

Waiter Resume Sample #1

15 Luaryn Avenue ● Stafford, VA 786543 ● T: (000) 666-566799● Email: jadasmith@sample.com


Looking for a waiter position with Gourmet restaurant to utilize my exemplary skills and ability to offer excellent and courteous service to customers to maximize profits and patron satisfaction.


• Over 5 years experience working in an upscale restaurant as a waiter
• Highly knowledgeable about wines and cocktails
• Well versed in safety procedures in restaurants and hotels
• In-depth knowledge in maintaining inventory of wine glassware

• Proven record of preparation and serving of specialty foods and drink at tables
• Able to help guests in selection of menus and offer accurate and clear information
• Able to suggest wines to customers that pair well with their meals
• Highly experienced in taking orders and relaying to bar and kitchen staff
• Demonstrated ability to greet customers and make them feel comfortable as they enjoyed their meals.

Meyers Restaurant – Stafford, VA March 2012 – Present
• Welcomed guests coming in the restaurant and showed them to their tables
• Resolved all complaints that arose from patrons
• Served meals and drinks
• Checked guests regularly to ensure they are comfortable and enjoying their food
• Presented patrons with menus and assisted in menu selection
• Explained meal ingredients and the methods used in cooking the same to customers
• Cleaned tables after guests are through with their meals
• Prepared the total meal costs and handed guests their checks
• Stocked service areas with the necessary supplies

Bachelor of Arts
Majored: Hospitality and Management

Waiter with champagne
Waiter job description

A good waiter is very keen and responsive. If you can anticipate the needs of the guests, then you are an excellent waiter. You should also be easy and a peoples person who can work with people of diverse cultures and personalities. You should be ready to serve customers in the establishment you are working in, be it a restaurant, a hotel or a lounge. You should always give constant attention to patrons by taking care of their needs as they arise while in the restaurant such as refilling drinks and sauces. You are also responsible for giving the check to the clients and wait for their payments.

Waiter job duties

As a waiter, you are expected to have some basic knowledge about wine and beer. The main duty of a waiter is to serve food and drinks to patrons in restaurants, hotels and clubs. You should take restaurant reservations, welcome guests as they enter the establishment and give them the menus, talk to patrons about the menu and the drinks that go with items on the menu and take their orders and pass them to the kitchen staff. You should be articulate and very alert on getting many orders at the same time, be able to deal with pressure and have some basic arithmetic knowledge. You should also take reservations for the restaurant, set tables with place mats, crockery, cutlery and the right glasses. Serve customers with food and drinks and clear tables and take dishes and cutlery to the kitchens.

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