Executive Assistant Resume Examples And Writing Guide

First you have to know that a resume is a form of self-advertisement, and when done properly, you can showcase your experience, skills and achievements to match the requirements of the job you are applying for. To tailor your Resume for Executive Assistant position and gain an edge over other applicants, here are some guidelines that will enable you to write a top notch resume.

Executive Assistant Resume should have…

– Perfectly Formatteding your resume. In this section, you have to format your text. Formatting the text correctly sets the tone for a good first impression. We recommend choosing a font size which is professional of 11 to 12.

– Set up the right margin and line spacing. The page you are using should have consistent margins through with 1.5 to 2 point line spacing.

Executive Assistant

– Create the heading. This section should be at the top of the resume and this gives all of your contact information that includes your name, email address and cell phone number. The name should be written in a slightly larger size of may be 14 to 16 point font. If you have multiple numbers, list them all.

– Make a decision on what type of layout you want to use. Normally, there are 3 general formats for creating a good resume: functional, chronological and combination. The work history and the kind of job you are applying for will have to determine the layout style you use. Not sure what to use? Why not try all 3 and see which one looks best for you.

– Mention you’re your work history. In chronological resume, your job should be listed in a chronological order starting with your most recent job position. In addition to this, make sure you include the name of the previous company you worked for, its location, your duties and responsibilities and your title while you were working there.

– Provide education history. In this section, you have to list all of your education in a chronological order starting with the most recent schooling. Make sure you have included any trade schools, college degrees or any type of apprenticeships you may have participated in. If you graduated already, list the name of your degree and the year you received it. If you have not graduated, you have to simply state the number of years you have attended your program as well as an expected date of graduation.

-highlight any special skills. Once you are done with listing your most important information, you can choose to list anything that you feel is important or things and activities that can provide a positive image to the hiring manger. For example if you speak any languages other than English, any special training or knowledge that fits the position you are applying to. Some of the specific skills are: computer programming skills. Another note, be sure to include the level of your expertise here.

-Lastly, references that can help you. In this case, you have to provide 2 to 4 professional references including their names, relationship to you specifically and also their contact information.

Resume For Executive Assistant Samples #1

     Kemoda James

     4567678 Main Street, Toronto, IA 590567

      (567) 689-67865, kemodajames@gmail.com

OBJECTIVE: A position as an Executive Assistant.


Well skilled and dedicated with more than 4 years experience in co-coordinating, planning and taking part in supporting  daily administrative and operational functions

  • Proficient in computer skills; windows, Quick books, Visio and many others with  complete accuracy
  • Well focused and able to identify the goals and priorities to resolve pending issues at an early stage.
  • Performed capacity to provide a comprehensive support specifically for executive-level staff


Sarova springs – Executive Assistant

  • Reduced the travel expenses of the company by 20% within the first one month of tenure by introducing cost-effective travel agencies.
  • Successful co-ordination and hosting numerous seminars, booking venues and selecting the guest speakers.


  • Kings College, Toronto, IA 34566
    • Bachelor of Art in Literature – 2005 to 2010


Resume For Executive Assistant Sample #2

ROBBIE THOMPSON (000)-555-666
Somewhere, IN, US

Executive Assistant with over 6 years of admin experience .Including areas of marketing and financial management as expertise. Proven capability to manage finances. Detail oriented with strong work ethics, problem-solving, communication, teamwork skills. Fluent in English and French

• Association of executive assistants (AEA)………………………………………………………………………….1999-2000
• Executive assistant for a busy president of a national firm with over 10,000 employees,
• Building and nurturing of relationships with clients and prospective clients.
• Providing excellent client support
• Rob flash sporting equipment (San deigo, CA)………………………………………………………………2000-2013
• Executive assistant for the vice president of Marketing in a national sports goods firm.
• Handled clients such as VIKE, SOOPER,GEEBOK
• Organize and update executive’s daily calendar and coordinate travel arrangements
• Take dictation or transcribe from voice recordings, create presentations and use most current software.
• Answer phones; take accurate messages and responds to caller inquiries or routes calls as appropriate.
• Setup and maintain files, including files for executive in an organized and timely manner.

Certified Executive assistant………………………………………1996

South African executive assistant society
National Executive assistant’s association of America

Youth Summer Camp, Front Desk Receptionist, 2001

Bachelors of arts, University of Honduras, 1996


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