Eye Catching Substitute Teacher Resume

Teaching is a profession that commands respect and reverence from all walks of life. A substitute teacher responsibility is to manage the classroom, provide information and enhance student’s learning when the regular teacher is absent. A substitute teacher can be employed on permanent or temporary terms. As a substitute teacher, you are expected to manage a classroom when the lead teacher is away for a short time. There are schools that employ substitute teachers on a permanent basis, so that in cases a lead teacher is away, the substitute teacher can immediately take her place. As a substitute teacher, you are expected to teach all the subjects or at least know just the basics of each subject.
While substituting the lead teacher, you will have to carry out all the jobs of the lead teacher including teaching all the lessons and making sure the class room supplies are adequately supplied. You will also be expected to make sure that all the classroom routines are followed and discipline is well maintained.

How to write an eye catching substitute teacher resume

A substitute teacher resume must fully show that one can adequately replace the lead teacher when they are absent, and provide learners with the highest teaching levels. Apart from merely listing your key skills, it should show that you are very passionate about working with children, and that you are someone who will go the extra mile to have things done. Make sure your resume shows that you can;
• Supervise and ensure children are safe all the time
• Initiate and positively encourage learners in all the activities they are involved in.
• Help learners in behavior control using the right behavior control measures
• Willingly perform duties as requested by the regular teacher or any other members of staff
Do not forget to mention that you are a person who maintains a professional appearance always and that you can meet all the physical demands of the role such as standing, bending, lifting and carrying out any other duties that require physical movements.
Your substitute teacher resume should also have a well written objective statement. You must be aware that you have to teach and motivate learners to gain knowledge and grow with intellectual power. Your objective statement must have this sentiments well indicated.
Skills are vital while writing a substitute teacher resume. It is a representation of the total outlook of who you are, your attitude and your intentions to get involved in the teaching profession. Your skills are some of the most important things recruiters are interested in knowing. List down all you skills that are relevant to the job. Here is a sample of an eye catching substitute teacher resume.

Substitute Teacher Resume sample #1

Laura Albert
6 Argwings Road, Dallas, GA 545367
254- 678945 lauraalbert@sample.com

STATEMENT OBJECTIVE: Looking for an entry level position as a substitute teacher to impart knowledge to eager learners. I have a cool temperament to adjust easily to any situation.
North Carolina State University –2013
Bachelors Degree in Education- English
Major: Primary Education
North Carolina Teaching License
• A good time manager, well organized
• Quick in understanding and adopting to the procedures and practices in a new school by observing the other teachers and learners behavior
• Well versed in lesson planning and implementing what is planned
• Highly skilled in marking students papers and giving feedback accordingly
• Knowledgeable in handling the relevant equipment such as projectors to aid learning
• Self motivated and goes out of my way to carry out extra duties that may not be part of my job description.
• Volunteers at the Happy Kids children’s home
• Can perform to optimum even when under stress
• Pays keen attention to details
• Good oral and written communication skills (English and French)

Resume sample #2

Bernard Peter
567, Dover Street, USA
Benard@example.com, (002) 567-9876

Statement Objective
Looking for a substitute teacher position in Great Hills school to impart useful skills to students. I always maintain a good balance between fellow teachers and students.

• maintain very professional relationships with parents
• Skilled in identifying students with talent and nurturing them
• maintain my cool even in very stressful moments
• A great time manager, especially in using class time properly
• Excellent communicator in both written and verbal language
• Very cultural sensitive since learners come from diverse cultural settings
Professional Experience
  Preschool teacher
Key international school, New York, NY May, 2010 to present

• High school diploma West Meadow District School.
• Higher diploma state college
• Associate degree in child psychology

Other Activity
• Great in art and craft
• Interested in nature and the maintenance of a good environment
• Good musician with several recorded songs

substitute teacher

Substitute teacher job description

A substitute teacher uses lesson plans, gives class work and home work and maintains order in the class. Most of the time, substitute teachers, work in new places with new learners. This is usually both a responsibility and pleasure. During the time of their work, they impart knowledge and instruct learner’s just like lead teachers. However, they work for a few days at a time or when the lead teacher is not available in school for long leaves such as vacations. Substitute teachers should follow all the policies, rules and procedures which the lead teachers adhere to and which good teaching practices demand.

Substitute teacher duties

As the substitute teacher, you should read and understand all the written lesson plans and the curriculum before going to the class. You should always refer to the lesson plan that the regular teacher has prepared and make sure you follow it. Take instruction from the school administration about handling classroom instruction. You should make sure that all the classroom instructions are handled according to the laid down school policies, goals and objectives. Always promote fairness and respect among the learners so that all the students feel comfortable to be in the class.
If you have given any assignments to the students, collect and mark the assignments and papers according to the schools set procedures. Always return the marked papers to the learners and ensure that they are aware of the grading system. Initiate extracurricular activities and make sure that safety of the students is well taken care of when they are out of the classroom. If the regular teacher has left any instructions, make sure that they are well followed. As a substitute teacher, ensure that you dismiss the class at the end of the day in an orderly manner and take care of learners who are picked up late by ensuring that they are safe. At the end of the day, you must create a substitute teaching report and give it to the principal.

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