Food Service Resume Sample and Writing Tips

A food service worker is one who is responsible for serving and/or preparing food and beverages. Excellent customer service is a must for this position as most food service workers work directly with the public. To prepare a resume for this position, it is important to stress your customer service skills as well as skills dealing with cleanliness and safety. Resumes should be easy to read and to the point. A simple format is one that lists your name and contact information, your career objective, key skills, education, certifications, technical skills, and your professional experience. There are generally no educational requirements for this type of position. Therefore, it may be best to list your professional experience before your education for this particular field of work.

When preparing to sit down and write your resume for a food service position, here is a simple format that you can follow to get started. Be sure to include:

  • Contact Information: This should be at the very top of the page. It should include your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Career Objective: This is a straight forward paragraph describing your goals with the company and what you would like to accomplish while working there.
  • Key Skills: This should be a list of the most important skills that you have. For example, since you’re applying for a position that works with the public, “Customer service skills” should be very high on the food service resumelist.
  • Professional Experience: This is a list of the jobs you have held. It should include your duties while on the job, and any recognition or awards you may have obtain during the duration of your employment.
  • Education: This is your highest level of education. If you have obtained your high school diploma or GED, make sure you include the name of the school you atteneded and year of graduation. If you are taking any college courses or have a college degree, list it in this section.
  • Certifications: This should include any certifications you hold. Even if it doesn’t pertain to the food service position, it is still good to include. You may never know when it can come in handy.
  • Technical Skills. If you have any experience with computers or computer programs, it is good to include this knowlege on a resume. Even if you think it may not pertain to a position in the food service industry, employers like to see that you at least have some knowlege with using computers.

Food Service Resume Sample

John Doe

1 Street Rd•Someplace, NY 11111•(111) 222-3333•

Career Objectives:

To provide excellent customer service and a clean and safe environment for all of the customers. To ensure that the customers have a pleasant dining experience, and address any needs or concerns they may have. To work well with fellow employees to meet all goals and expectations, and to help create and maintain a safe and clean environment.

Key Skills:

  • Strong Customer Service Skills
  • Knowledge of and ability to use restaurant equipment
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Expertise in food preperation
  • Strong leadership skills

Professional Experience:

Someplace Restaurant, Someplace NY

Food Service worker (July 2008- present)

  • Served food to customers
  • Perpared food and drinks
  • Ran a cash register
  • Attended promptly to customer complaints

Anyplace Restaurant, Anyplace NY

Food Service Worker (Feb 2004- July 2008)

  • Cooked and prepared food
  • Cleaned work area and kept a sanitary environment
  • Trained new staff


Someplace High School, Someplace NY. (1999-2003) High School Diploma.


First Aid certificate Jan 2004.

Technical Skills:

Excellent computer skills and knowledge of microsoft word and excel.

Now that you have completed your resume, your next step is to send it to potential employers. If you are contacted for an interview, the person interviewing you may ask you questions about your resume and the qualifications you have provided. Be prepared to go into detail about the responsibilities and tasks that you had in your previous jobs. Look your interviewer in the eye, and dress and act professionally. Since customer service and interacting with people is very important for a food service job, make sure you are able to communicate politely and effectively during your interview. Some people do mock interviews to lessen the nervousness associated with interviews. Mock interviews are interviews that you practice ahead of time with a “pretend” interviewer. This could be a friend, family member, or someone from a local career center.

God luck with your job search!

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