Home Health Aide Resume Samples And Tips

Resume writing is a skill that comes with time and practice. The best resumes are the ones that stand out from the crowd and get noticed. When writing a Home health aide resume, or any resume for that matter, you want your strenghts and experience to be noticed. The format should be correct so the key points that you want the potential employer to see are not hidden away in the text of the resume. It’s best to keep them toward the top of the resume, and use short, clear sentences. Remember, your resume is the first impression that the employer gets. You want it to be perfect.

In order to create the best resume possible for landing a position as a home health aide, there are some resume writing formats that you should follow. Employers, when sorting though a bunch of resumes, like to see the information they are looking for quickly and clearly. Here are some tips to get your resume started:

  • The very top of the page is where you want to include your contact information. If an employer is interested, it makes it easy for them to send you a quick email or give you a call to let you know that they want to discuss the position further. Include your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Next is your career objective. What you want to get out of the position, and what you want to accomplish during your employment.
  • List your key skills in a one sentence, brief format. This should stand out and be able to be read at first glance.
  • List your education. The highest level of education you have received, and any course work you are currently pursuing.Home Health Aide Resume
  • List any certifications you may have. If you have certifications in first aid, CPR, or any other medical related certifications, be sure to list these first as they can be very beneficial for a home health aide position.
  • List any technical skills you may have. While you probably won’t be doing too much computer work while out in the field, you my be required to fill out paper work at the end of the day or week. Everything is done through computers, so having a simple computer skills may help.
  • List your professional experience. This includes jobs that you have had that are related to the health care field and it also includes jobs that are in other fields. Just because you haven’t always worked in healthcare, doesn’t mean that what you did and learned at those other jobs are not important. Skills are skills, and you can learn a great deal of responsibility, teamwork, dependability, etc, with every position you have held.

Home Health Aide Resume:

 Jane Doe

1 Sreet rd.,Someplace, NY 11111,(111) 222-3333, JaneDoe@gmail.com

Career Objective:

To provide home care for patients who deserve the best quality care from a caring and dependable individual. To use my experience and expertise to enhance the lives of others. To help the patient live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own home.

Key Skills:

  • First aid and CPR
  • Communication skills and communicating with those who have trouble hearing or understanding
  • Exceptional cooking and cleaning skills
  • Assisting with mobility and exercise
  • Personal Hygiene and dressing


Someplace High School. Someplace, NY. 1992-1996. HS diploma.


  • CNA Certification. Completed May 2005. Someplace Community College, Someplace, NY.
  • First Aid and CPR certification. Completed May 2004. Someplace Community College, NY

Technical Skills:

Proficient in multiple computer programs including excel.

Professional Experience:

Data Entry Company, Someplace NY 11111

Data Entry Clerk, August 1996- September 2005

  • Entered information from documents into a computer program
  • Trained new workers
  • Helped out with clerical tasks

Home Health Aide Company, Somewhere, NY 11111

Home Health Aide, September 2005-present

  • Passed my 75 hour on the job training
  • Provided exceptional care to over a dozen patients since starting with the company in 2005.
  • Assisted patients with personal hygiene
  • Provided nutritional support, and helped with mobility and exercise
  • Performed errands and light household chores
  • Performed first aid when needed
  • Took regular training courses while on the job to enhance my knowledge and become familiar    with new policies and techniques

Try to fit your resume on one page if you can. If you can not fit all the necessary information on one page, use two. It you are going to use two pages, try to fill the second page as much as you can. Having your resume neat and organized, brief, and to the point, is the best way to get your qualifications noticed and recognized. Good luck with your job search!

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