Killer LPN Resume That Will Land You An Instant Interview

The LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is usually the first person a patient meets when they first get into a hospital or any medical setting. This is one of the most respected careers in the health care industry. It is a job that is highly suitable for a person who likes a fast paced job with different kinds of responsibilities. Being a positive presence for sick and injured patients is a very satisfying experience. A LPN nurse provides different types of services. There are also many employment choices for LPN nurses including hospitals, medical offices, home healthcare and nursing homes.

Writing tips for a killer LPN resume

LPN RolesIf you are just entering the nursing field, then I am sure you are well aware of the stiff competition in this field. It is not like being a waitress or a receptionist where jobs are easy to find. To stand out and really shine from everyone else, you need a very reflective resume to help you get noticed. A resume may be the only chance for you to show your employer what you are really made of so you need to work hard to have the recruiter notice you. Think very hard and carefully before you prepare your resume since every word you write down will count. You resume is the closest your employer will see of you and first impressions really count. Your resume here is what the employer is going to have about you and your work.
Getting noticed
There are many ways of easily catching the eye of a likely employer but the simplest way is to give a resume that is neatly written and easy to read. If you think that your resume is a reflection of yourself, then this will assist in discerning what you want to reflect. If you give a poorly written resume full of coffee stains, what do you think it reflects about you? Perhaps this can be assumed that you are lazy, disorganized with a care-free attitude.

Shine through
If you are just starting out your LPN career, you may get intimidated that you lack any previous work experience. Do not fret. This is ok. Everyone who has made it in their fields started somewhere. Just focus on your positive attributes and give references that will highlight your best qualities. Every employer wants to know that the person they are hiring will report to work on time and they always look for a person who is hardworking and dependable. If you have participated in any volunteer activities, ensure you include that.
State the facts only
It is a good idea to highlight your positive traits when writing a resume, but avoid going overboard. Do not exaggerate your accomplishments as this may put off a recruiter. Be truthful and highlight those skills and traits that relate to the job you are applying. Be yourself when writing your resume as this gives your potential employer an overview of who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing.
Writing a resume can really be difficult, but this is the first step in getting you an LPN job. You may not get every job that you apply for, but a resume that is well written can help you get the best job that suits you.
Here is a sample of a killer LPN resume that will land you an instant interview.

LPN resume sample #1

453 Green Lane • Dallas, USA, 98657 • (004) 445-87654 •

Caring and hard working licensed practical nurse with over ten years experience in hospital settings and home health. Highly skilled in post surgery care duties, rehabilitative care and implementation of treatment plans. Mainly skilled in taking care of patients needs and catering for the same, while regularly monitoring the progress of patients.

STATEMENT OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as lpn at the Bedford Hospital where I can utilize my nursing skills to the benefit of patients.


  • Caring for patients
  • Collecting specimen
  • Controlling infection
  • Assistance with ambulance services
  • Administering medicine
  • Dressing wounds
  • Giving immunization
  • Recording vital signs
  • Assistance with feeding
  • Management of IV

Licensed Practical Nurse, June, 2009 to Present

  • Worked out treatment plans according to the instructions of the physician who treated the patient
  • Evaluated the needs of patients and responded to each of them accordingly
  • Recorded patients medical history and kept data files

Key Accomplishments:

  • Improved the quality of patient care by 30% on the given floor by actively training CNAs and integrating good time management skills
  • Developed a holistic care patient plan that was not just accepted but highly commended.
  • Offered bedside care and mobility help
  • Regularly communicated with the patients doctor and family regarding the condition of the patient
  • Clearly understood and implemented the treatment plan of the patient
  • Gave vital ambulatory care to a very young patient while on our way to the hospital
  • Won the award for the most friendly nurse during my tenure


  • Licensed Practice Nurse Certification


  • Bachelors of Science in Practical Nursing

Member, National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses

LPN job description

(LPN’s)Licensed practical nurses mainly offer basic bedside care. As a lpn, you should measure and record vital signs for patients such as pulse rate, temperature, height, respiration and weight. You prepare and give injections, dress wounds, give massages, monitor catheters and give alcohol rubs. They also help in feeding patients who need help while feeding. In some states, LPN’s are allowed to give prescribed medicines, start intravenous fluids and care for those patients on ventilators.
You can work in different settings. For instance, some families may hire you to take care of a family member who is sick. Health insurance companies also hire LPN’s to answer their customers questions regarding their health needs. LPN’s can work in any area of the healthcare industry.

LPN job duties

The exact nature of duties of lpn’s varies and in most cases it will depend on the environment they are working in although there are common duties that do not change. As an lpn you should record the history of a patient and give medication according to a physicians prescription. You should also administer immunizations and be knowledgeable on basic wound care procedures such as cleaning and bandaging. You are also expected to enter patient’s information in computer systems and ensure that their families are aware of the release instructions. You should also help in moving patients safely and check for their reactions to prescribed medications.

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