Looking To Write Up An Eye Catching Caregiver Resume? Examples Here

Caregiver with patientAs a caregiver, you will work in the healthcare industry by helping those people who cannot take care of themselves. You may be asked to take care of the elderly, disabled or sick so as to help them carry out their day to day tasks.

What is the caregivers job descriptio?

As a caregiver, you are tasked to bathe, clean, feed and give medicine to the physically incapable people who are receiving medicine in a healthcare facility or in their homes. If you are a person who is not very compassionate and you care a lot about high salaries or rewards, then this may not be the job for you. But if you are a person that is caring and always willing to help others without minding about the pay, then this is the job for you. As a caregiver, you should adhere to the terms of healthcare in your state. You should always aim at upholding the dignity of your patients. Read more about the job description of a caregiver here.

Job duties of a caregiver

As a caregiver, you will be expected to carry out some simple procedures as a way of extending therapy exercises under the supervision and direction of a nurse for instance, motion exercises. You will also be expected to carry out personal care duties such as bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, grooming, shaving, nail and skin and others as requested by the client. You should perform all the household tasks that are related to healthcare at home such as preparing meals, assisting in feeding, changing and washing bed linens, cleaning and ironing client’s laundry and some light house chores. You will also be expected to initiate and join in the leisure activities that residents are involved in. It is also important to encourage residents to join and be active in the leisure activities that are planned so as form friendships with the other residents.
You will also be responsible for observing and recording vital signs of your clients and reporting any unusual changes to a nurse. In case your client needs assistance with getting out of the bed, chair, bathtub or walking, you should respond to them with courtesy. Always ensure you check on your client regularly so as to make sure that their needs are being met as they would like to. You should keep a working environment that neat and clean and always portray a professional image.

Tips on How to write an eye catching caregiver resume

Caregivers are people who are highly dedicated to their work. They always put their patients first even in the most difficult scenario. Your caregiver resume will show if you can actually serve in the organization you interested in even before they have interviewed you. A well written resume will earn you an interview even at the most reputable healthcare organization. Here is what to include.

Your resume should have an objective

This lets you personalize your resume so that it stands out among the other individuals applying for the same job. It also gives you the chance to say how your skills will help improve the success of the company you are interested in working for.

Be honest

Always tell the truth about your education and work history. If there is a gap in your employment, give the reasons in your cover letter.

Include references

Many institutions have a policy that requires one to provide some referees before one is employed. When seeking a caregiver job, provide at least 3 references. One personal reference and two business references.

List your educational accomplishments

List down all the schools you have attended in your resume. You should also include all your education, certifications and training that you have obtained.

Write your resume in a chronological order

Make your resume easy to follow by listing it in a chronological order from the your most recent job to your oldest job.


Details are very vital in care giving. You can show that you are detail oriented by caring enough to even proof read your own resume. Ensure it does not contain spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. You cannot rely on spell check alone; ask someone else to proof read it thoroughly as well.

Caregiver Resume Example #1

1456 Home Drive, Lavington, California 45690
luckyjays@sample.com, (001) 120-1098

Looking for the job of a caregiver to utilize my compassionate nature and my ability to work with children and the elderly to better the society.

• Highly experienced in helping patients with important daily activities
• Knows how to prepare the best nutritious meals for patients
• Skilled in taking care of patients nail, skin and oral needs.
• Hands on experience in checking patients vital body signs
• Highly experienced in performing light housekeeping duties and provides excellent companionship

NWH Healthcare – Houston, Texas
(2011- Present)
• Assisted patients bathe, groom, toileting and other basic activities
• Encouraged patients to socialize and form friendships
• Took care of the dinning needs and any other tasks for residents assigned
• Was tasked with light housekeeping duties

Resolution Health – Houston-Texas
Nurse Aide
• Helped in feeding patients who were unable to feed themselves
• Changed the bed linens as directed by the nurse in charge
• Assisted the nurses in giving patients medicine
• Recorded and reported any unusual changes in patients

• Masters in Nursing from Lavington Medical University
• Licensed Nursing Assistant
• Certificate in cookery from Houston community school

• Bi- Lingual (English and French)
• Can multitask effectively
• Excellent in verbal communication and polite
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