How To Make Your Flight Attendant Resume Pop Up

flight attendantThe main responsibility of a flight attendant is to ensure that the safety regulations on airplanes are followed. You will be expected to do all that you can to ensure that passengers are feel comfortable during their flights.
If you really need to land that flight attendant job, then read on.

What really is the job description of a flight attendant?

The flight attendant is usually briefed by the captain at least one hour earlier before each flight on important things like coordination of the crew, the duration of the flight, the weather conditions that are expected and emergency evacuation procedures. As a flight attendant, you are tasked with ensuring that first aid kits and all other emergency equipment are on the plane and in good working shape and that the passenger cabin is well maintained with enough food, beverage, blankets and food supplies. Before a plane takes off, the flight attendants skillfully instruct passengers on the use of the emergency equipment and check to see that all the seat belts are well fastened and that the seat backs are in upright positions.

Job duties of a flight attendant

As a flight attendant, you should answer all questions about the flight in a courteous manner, avail reading material, blankets and pillows, beverages and foods; and assist young children, the elderly or disabled individuals or any other people that need any help. You should also greet passengers as they board the plane, check their tickets and show them where to keep their jackets and carry on items that they have with them. In the event of an emergency, you are expected to help the passenger’s and to also reassure them if there is turbulence. If a passenger gets ill during a flight, you should provide first aid to them. Before landing, you should take inventory headsets, alcoholic drinks and all the money that has been collected.

How To Make Your Flight Attendant Resume Pop Up – writing tips

“A resume is just like your life, you will never obtain a second chance to make a first impression”. How do you make your flight attendant resume pop up?

Keep it simple

Always use no more than two fonts in your resume. Ensure that your font size is easy to read. When you make it hard for the hiring manager to read your resume, then you lose. Make your resume readable with a good font and size.
Always print your resume on a white paper.

Use a strong objective

Often, when applying for a job, candidates will always use a boring or overused objective. For you to get noticed, you should be bold and put down a serious long term goal that will excite the hiring manager.

Use bullet points for past jobs

When writing down a former job, you should write what you did and what you accomplished. Avoid repetitions of mundane tasks that everyone can achieve. Always keep it short and interesting so that the hiring manager can easily sift through your past jobs and move to the next part of your resume quickly.

Keep it free from errors

Your resume does not have room for grammatical or spelling errors. Proof read and proofread it again. Ask your friends or family to critique it. This is the best time to be a perfectionist!

Resume Sample #1

348 Garden Street., New York, NY-453218, USA +458902354
To secure a position as a flight attendant that will let me use my exceptional customer care skills, excellent educational background and the ability to cope well with people.


OCT 2007 – present Queens Ltd. Company New York, USA
• welcomed visitors and gave them directions to the departments they were looking for
• monitored the log book and gave badges to all the visitors arriving in the company
• maintained a clean and safe reception area

March 2004 – Nov 2008 Eat out Restaurant
New York, USA
• operated the cash registers and carried out accounting duties
• checked food and beverages for quality before serving clients
• communicated with clients professionally and got feedback from the them


2005-2009 New York University New York – NY, USA
Bachelor of Hospitality management

• Fluent in, French, Spanish, English and Italian.
• Self motivated
• adapts easily to new work environments
• Team builder
• Extremely courteous and polite
• Can easily work on long shifts

Resume Sample #2


342 Example Street, Dallas, ON S7F U2D, (020)  400-5566 ,

Friendly, service-oriented individual looking for a position as a Flight Attendant with Canada Swift Airline. With the best hospitality and service skills in the industry, and a goal to achieve optimum passenger’ satisfaction and safety.
• Over 5 years’ experience working in the airline industry
• Great sales skills and can sell different products onboard
• Trained as a flight attendant
• CPR and first aid certified
• Great hospitality skills for food presentation
• Highly skilled and able to assist people with special needs such as the elderly and children

• Able to work effectively in a team
• Good communicator; able to communicate fluent in different languages such as Spanish, French, English and Chinese
• Extremely professional and courteous
• Independent thinker and realistic

Flight Attendant | Travel Safe Air America, USA | March 2011 –Present
 Made the needed flight announcements and served passengers with food and beverages
 Marketed products of some companies and made sales during the flight
 Made passengers aware of unforeseen events like bad weather
 Assisted in emergency situations by administering first aid
 Made sure that all the needed supplies were on board
 Made passengers feel comfortable during take offs, landings and any emergencies
 Assisted the crew both ground and flight

Cabin Service Attendant | Wild Jets, Canada | Apr 2008 – May 2010
 Helped in the maintenance of aircraft cleaning
 Kept an inventory of all the supplies
 Maintained the entertainment systems in a functional condition
 Cleaned toilets

Boston community school, Boston,
AAR, Customer Service

Member, Boston Association of Flight Attendants

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