Massage Therapist Resume That Stands Out

A massage therapist treats clients by manipulating the soft tissues in the body to aid in alleviation of stress, rehabilitate injuries or increase relaxation. As a massage therapist, you will use your skills to assist those people who have sport injuries, offer relief to people who have health conditions and provide your clients with relaxation after a hard day’s work. This is a kind of a job that will require you to be able to listen keenly to your clients and empathize with their emotional and health issues.

Writing tips for a massage therapist resume

A good resume for massage therapist that accompanies your cover letter helps in creating a job application that wins. Your resume should be straight to the point and not more than two pages long. Your main aim is to focus on your major strengths and highlight your qualifications and skills that will show you are the most suitable candidate for the job. Here is what to include:

Who you are
Make sure your full name, postal address, contact number, email address and a website (If you have one) and date are indicated at the top of your resume.

Start with a personal statement that shows a general overview of your experience, training and major career achievements. If you have a specialty area, make sure to mention it in your objective and indicate the specific type of massage therapy job you are looking for.

Work experience
In a chronological order, lists down all your professional experiences, with the most recent being at the top. Mention the name and location of past employers, dates of employment and the job title held. Elaborate all the responsibilities you held and write down your achievements during those periods.

This section shows about your education and training. You can either specify school names or not but write down the training that you acquired. If your university degree relates to massage therapy jobs, you can also include it.

Write down your credentials and a description of the massage techniques you are qualified to perform. You can also mention any health and fitness affiliations that the recruiter may be interested in.

Indicate that you can provide references on request. On the other hand, you can give a professional and personal reference, their name and contact information. Make sure that you let your references aware that they may be contacted.

Massage therapist resume sample #1

[Street, City, State, Zip] | [Phone] [Email Address]

Statement Objective: Seeking a position as a medical massage therapist in a workplace that offers professional growth, to provide body work specifically on pain alleviation and recovery from injuries for individuals.

■ Profile
Professional massage therapist with over ten years experience of practical experience in different kinds of massage therapies and body relaxing programs such as essential oils and different ways of steam treatments.
■ Professional Experience
Beauty Massage & Spa Therapy Center Columbia District 2008 – Present

Massage Therapist
• Helped clients in identifying their requirements, gave recommendations of suitable therapies and created massage therapy plans with other physicians
• Developed and carried out therapy sessions for customers depending on their schedule and particular problems

Other key contributions:
• Kept and maintained treatment records in regards to a customer and their therapy
• Came up with unique varieties and mixtures to fit a customer’s treatment requirements
• Ensured the dressing rooms and spas were kept orderly and clean always
• Networked with the right people to create new contacts

■ Qualifications
• Massage therapy program – Formal training.

Sample #2

15 Hawthorn Lane
M: 0300 234 987
P: (05) 4568 9067

Statement Objective: Looking for a position to make use of my various treatment skills and healing methods to relieve discomfort from clients, working hand in hand with the other professionals for the advancement of the company and my personal growth

A qualified and certified remedial massage therapist, with more than two years experience in sports, shiatsu and deep tissue massage. My passionate and sincere approach to massage makes me the strongest candidate for this job.

Mainland College of Massage Therapy

Diploma in Remedial Massage
Graduated: 2007
Highpeak High School

Work Experience
August 2007 –to Present: Massage Therapist (self-employed)

• Kept very high standards of professionalism with clients
• Showed excellent communication and listening skills
• Performed remedial massage on clients using the appropriate techniques

• I have created a group of regular clients who I have helped through my massage techniques and have responded positively.
February 2005 – 2006: Retail Sales Associate
Healthy You

• Maintained the inventory
• Trained new staff
• Served customers and provided in store advice
• Talked a with supplies about the goods they supplied
• Handled cash and gave receipt

Member of AAMT
First aid certified

Chris Albert-owner
Healthy You
Phone: (04) 3456 0987
Email: Rose Gaile- Teacher
HighPeak High School
Phone: (04) 7896 44555

Massage Therapist Job Description

As a massage therapist, you should assess a customer’s soft tissue condition, the quality and function of their joints, strength of their muscles and how they can move them. You should also discuss with clients about their medical history and ask them about any problems they have had with stress or pain so that you can determine whether a massage would really be helpful. It is your responsibility to come up with client treatment plans that show what kind of massage should be used. Massage and knead the muscles and soft tissues of clients using the appropriate technique to provide the best courses of treatment for medical conditions, injuries as well as relaxation.


Massage Therapist Job Duties

You are expected to prepare and mix oils and gently apply the mixture on your client’s skin. Before applying the client the oils, you should ask them if they have any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients in the oils. Consult widely with all other healthcare professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapist and physicians to come up with the best treatment plans for the clients. Always keep treatment records and offer customers with guidance and information about the correct techniques for postural improvement, relaxation, rehabilitative exercises and strengthening. When the situation demands, refer clients to other types of therapists and be able to provide treatments to clients in their own offices or homes. You can use complementary aids like infrared lamps, wet compresses, whirlpool and baths so as to increase the client’s recovery, well being and relaxation.

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