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A good resume is crucial for administrative professionals who are looking to climb the corporate ladder. Office managers are the ones who are relied upon in order to support executives and support offices by providing office management, project management, clerical functions and reception. Some of the job titles for administrative resumes include: Administrative assistant, Office manager, Executive Assistant and Receptionist. The professionals who are in these positions, are normally required to do more than their job descriptions require since jobs in this particular field are in demand. In this case, when you are writing your resume, you have to write a resume that will highlight management experience and exceptional organization, good communication skills and a proficiency in computer programs and also office technology.

Steps To A Great Resume For Office Manager

  • Start with your name and contact information

Place your name in a clear and bold font at the top of your resume. Under your name, indicate your telephone number, mailing address and email address.

  • Mention your objective

This will help in summarizing who you are and the job you are applying for. Concerning your objective, you have to keep it brief. One line will have to introduce you and your goal.

  • List your work experience, beginning with your most recent position.

Make sure you include all of your work experience that enables you to stand out as the most qualified and capable if given an opportunity of being administrative professional. Work experience is often one of the most important section of your resume, so make sure you follow the tips below to give your experience an “extra push”.

  • Write your header as a title, and then indicate the name of the company and also its location. You can decide to put the information under your title or even next to it. Actually, it depends on your formatting preference.
  • Don’t forget to include your dates of employment.
  • Ensure to write a brief description of your job duties.
  • You have to follow the description with the bullet points that will highlight your specific achievements or responsibilities.

There are various resume format, and for experienced professionals, we recommend you put your education after your work experience. You have to list any degrees you have earned and don’t forget to include the school you attended with the year of your graduation. You can mention scholarships, awards and any other relevant extracurricular activities you participated in.

Another important “extra credit” when the employers are reviewing the resume are things like special trainings or any certifications that you might have received or completed. In this section, use bullet points to indicate licenses or any other notable qualifications that you received outside of your schooling.

Now let’s move to the “skill” section of the resume. If you are proficient in any software or computer technology, make you you write them down. This is one of the under-emphasized areas of the office manager resume. Usually, the administrative professionals need to use various software programs and databases, but a manager must be able to not only use, but also teach others how to use various software. So, list all the software programs you know, including financial, word processing, graphic design and spreadsheet programs.

To close a resume, you should make an offer to provide writing samples and references. A good office manager resume might not be enough to showcase your ability. Adding a cover letter can make you stand out in the crowd. A simple and clear line at the bottom of your resume like, “Writing samples and references available upon request” will add more value to your resume for it will invite potential employers to ask you for more information.

Additional tips

  • Your resume should not be longer than 2 pages as it might not hold the attention of your potential employer.
  • Don’t forget to be bold when sharing your accomplishments. Try to demonstrate your professionalism and ability to solve problems.

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Office Manager Resume Sample

James Kemoda
6788 Street Av
Toronto, IA 98977

(676) (345 -8997)

Job Objective

A position as an office manager at Serena Springs.


Office Manager
James Smith Consultancy Services
, Toronto
May 2008 – Present

  • Help in maintenance of office library that includes distribution, record keeping, and cataloging.
  • Ensure office is neat and stocked with the required tools in order to function.
  • Participated in member management, including member roster, email reminder, and records of financial dues.
  • Help in planning and execution of all the company events.
  • Help in interviewing, scheduling and tasks delegation.

Administrative Assistant
Sarova Springs, Toronto
January 2006- May 2007

  • Help clients as they enter the office and via phone.
  •  Assist in performing filing, drafting and editing short office memos and data management.
  • Assist with all other duties of office administration.


  • Experienced  in  maintaining the office budget.
  • Ability to work with various operating systems including Mac OSX, windows and Linux.


Smart College of Professionals, Bachelor of Business Management, June 2005


Typical Day Of Office Manager

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