Pharmacy Technician Resume That Sells

Pharmacy technicians are important members of staff in a pharmaceutical shop. Due to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in the past years, making a successful career in pharmacy is not as challenging as in other professions. The sector has rapidly expanded creating many opportunities. Therefore, pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician presents a lot of chances for growth and development. Here are tips for writing a pharmacy technician resume that sells.

Writing tips for a great pharmacy technician resume

Tailor your statement objective
Your statement objective should be directed to the specific job you are applying for. Add one or two sentences to let the hiring manager know that you are interested in specializing further or in professionally growing.
Give detailed education and skills
Put down your education, licensure and training to give you a competitive edge over the other applicants. Additionally, include any special skills such as medical billing and coding, fluency in a foreign language or ability to deal with special needs people. These will grab the recruiter’s eye when they see your resume and they will want to further read it. Special certificates such as intravenous drugs can also make you get easily noticed.

Clearly state your work experience
In a chronological order, list down your employment history since recruiters often like to get a complete description of exactly what you were doing rather than just a list of duties.

For example, instead of saying: My duties included helping the pharmacist and prescription intake.
Instead you can say:
My duties included counting, weighing and mixing the prescription medicines and entering prescription data in the computer system to process labels.

If this is your first job, mention your internships and clinical rotations. Give your any of your non pharmacy work experience to show the ability to retain a job. Describe your previous employers to give the recruiter some knowledge of your previous work experiences. Always be honest and never give lies about your knowledge. Being a pharmacy technician is a very sensitive profession since everything that you do has an impact on another person’s life.

Are you a member of professional associations?
If yes, then by all means mention it. Belonging to organizations such as the AAPT or the NPTA shows that you are dedicated to your work and the recruiter will give your resume a serious thought.
Free your resume from spelling errors
In the world of pharmacy, a word that is misspelled could lead to serious sometimes life threatening mistakes. Proofread, proofread and proofread again. You can then ask someone else to do the same.
Write a one page resume
Always be short and clear. This will ensure you pass all the relevant information without having to write many pages. If you have gained specialized CE credits or any other special training, then a two page resume is acceptable.
Do not include personal interests and hobbies
If a recruiter wants to know about your interests, they can ask about them during the interview.

Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample #1

Milka Ray
05 Forest Road
Illinois 654378
Cell: 005-543-3243

Seeking a challenging position in a well established medical center where I will use my skills to serve clients and to further my knowledge in this profession.

Professional Skills

• Highly knowledgeable about medicine and medical terminologies
• Wide understanding of different areas of pharmaceutical operations.
• Great interpersonal skills
• Highly understands how to mix and prepare medicines
• Well versed with computer programs that are suitable for data entry
Professional Experience
Pharmacy Technician, Shalom Hospital, Chicago, IL, 2010-Present

• Keeping prescription records on computer
• Preparation of medicines
• Taking the inventory
• Describing and explaining pharmaceutical processes to clients taking tests
• Labeling medicines

Medical Assistant, Y2K Clinic, Chicago, IL, 2007-2010

• Checking filled prescriptions before handing them to the patients
• Helping patients with filling information
• Helped in managing the clinics workload
• Cleaned, sterilized and stored the used equipment

Educational Qualifications
Pharmacy Technician Associates Degree,
Chicago University, 2006

Certified Pharmacy Technician
Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT)

Pharmacy Technician Job description

Pharmacist Telephoning
Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of a certified pharmacist to offer healthcare products and medication to patients and consumers. Pharmacy technicians usually carry out routine tasks to assist in preparation of prescribed medication such as labeling bottles and counting tablets. They also carry out administrative tasks such as picking and answering telephones, manning cash registers and re-stocking shelves. They execute these functions in different work settings such as hospitals, clinics, drug stores, community pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

Pharmacy Technician Job duties

A pharmacy technician mainly collects, organizes and evaluates patient information, manages medical distribution and provides drug information and education to the patient. As a pharmacy technician, it is your duty to prepare, dispense, distribute and administer medications under the supervision of a pharmacist. As a pharmacist, you should be well versed with the use and both prescription and nonprescription drugs that are used to treat various diseases. You must also be confidential with patient’s information and also show good ethical conduct.

In retail settings, a pharmacy technician gets written drug prescriptions or requests for prescription refills from clients. You will also assist patients who visit the stores in picking or dropping subscription orders. The prescriptions may also be sent to them from the doctor’s office electronically. You will be expected to verify whether the information on the prescription is accurate. Depending on the laws of a state, a pharmacy technician may be given the duty of preparing the prescription, pour, count, weigh and at times mix the medicines. You will also be expected to produce prescription labels, choose the type of prescription container, and stick the prescription labels on the container. After filling the prescription, you should price and file the prescription which should be confirmed by the pharmacist before being given to the client. A pharmacy technician should also establish and maintain patient profiles and process insurance claim forms. You should also take inventory of the stock.

You should also respond to simple questions from patients and ask them to direct questions about drug information to the pharmacist. Always maintain the work environment clean and neat.

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