Phlebotomy Resume Sample That Is Breathe Taking

PhlebotomyPhlebotomists are special trained medical professionals that work in clinics, hospitals, blood banks and physician’s offices. This is one of the fastest growing careers in the health care industry and there are many job opportunities especially for those people with phlebotomy certification. It provides a great opportunity for people to get started in the medical world.

Phlebotomist Job Description

The major role of a phlebotomist is to draw blood from patients but this can vary from one employer to another. There are some jobs that mainly focus on handling of specimen and laboratory settings. Some phlebotomy jobs focus mainly on the management of patient flow care. You may be required to set up examination rooms and take vital signs. If you are in a hospital setting, you may be required to help the other personnel in the examination rooms. There also some other jobs that are related to phlebotomists. For instance, some people are medical assistants and phlebotomists. Others are EKG technicians while at the same time they practice phlebotomy.

Phlebotomist Duties and Responsibilities

The main role of a phlebotomist is to draw blood, which is usually done through venal puncture. There are phlebotomists who have special training and are able to draw blood through the arteries. They are also able to set up intravenous lines, administer injections and give IV medications. These phlebotomists with these kinds of training and certifications are well paid than the regular phlebotomist because of their expertise.
Drawing blood is not the only duty a phlebotomist does in a hospital or clinic. There may be other specimens that doctors may request for. You may be requested to help in getting a urine sample or a saliva swab.

As a phlebotomist, you will be responsible for the maintenance of equipment. Since you will be dealing with body fluids, you are expected to take the needed precautions to ensure your safety and all other people around you. There are set standards that you must adhere to while drawing and storing specimens. There are risks of contaminated fluids so it’s very important that you follow the appropriate safety standards. Sometimes, a phlebotomist will handle and transport specimens that may necessitate masks, gloves and goggles to be worn. The needles that you use should be disposed off responsibly immediately after use.

If you are working in a laboratory, you will be required to clean the diagnostic equipment after every use. As a phlebotomist, you should also establish and maintain a professional relationship with clients. You are expected to help patients comprehend what tests you are taking and to expel any fears in regard to blood tests.
Other duties of a phlebotomist may be to do data entry especially when tests have been performed. Booking keeping and record management are some skills that a phlebotomist must have just like a receptionist.

Writing tips for a phlebotomist resume

A resume that is well written is very important. You will not get past the first step if you do not have a well written resume. Always remember you are going for a job in the healthcare industry and so it is important to write down about everything you can about what you know and what you have already done. Here are the three most important things that will look good on your phlebotomist resume.

Relevant credentials

There are some organizations that will accept a baseline of a high school diploma, but these are just very few. Many institutions will require you to have some specialized phlebotomist training and credentials to proof that.

Good skills

Apart from the skills that are directly related and are a must in carrying out the main functions of a phlebotomist, the ability to master other soft skills that are relevant to the job is an added advantage. Some soft skills may include;
• A good command of English
• The ability to interact with different people.
• Be able to understand new technologies and concepts.

Outstanding references

If you place great references in your resume, chances are that you will land yourself an interview. This is because your reputation will be of great interest to the people who are reviewing it.
Check out these phlebotomist resume examples and use them to create your own resume for the post of a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Resume Sample That Is Breathe Taking

Sample #1

Jack Russell,
34615 Michigan Ave,
Chicago, Illinois 67890
Home: 020-245-220203
Mobile: 254-0725-00918

Statement Objective:

Looking to obtain a position as phlebotomist in a health facility where my skills and expertise can be well utilized and enhanced.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Over seven years experience as phlebotomist.
• Great customer communication skills.
• Team leader
• Able to offer nursing services like injections and medications to patients
• Able to draw blood from clients by venipuncture and also capillary technique from patients of varying ages, saliva testing, paternity collections and urine drug screen collections
• Knowledgeable about compliance and safety.

Work Experience:
Hope Hospital January 2010-July 2011

• Followed all the safety procedures during phlebotomy work
• Answered phone calls from doctors and their patients to reschedule appointments
• Collected patients specimens for testing
• Collected blood samples from patients as required by different departments and delivered the samples
• Drew blood through venipunctures to collect blood samples needed for laboratory testing.
• Collected paternity and urine drug samples

Educational Background:

Medical Assistant Program Certificate
CPR 1 and 2 Certification
Golden Height College, Chicago
Green Garden High School Diploma
Green Garden High School, Chicago Heights IL

Sample #2

Newton Benn
540 Argwings lane, Thistown, CA 65490
Phone: (222) 222-2222| Email:

Statement objective
Looking to obtain a challenging and rewarding position as a phlebotomist in a facility where I can use my knowledge and experience while still been given an opportunity for career advancement.
Qualifications Summary

 A certified and licensed phlebotomist with five years of experience in a large hospital and blood-bank settings.
 Extremely skilled in carrying out venipunctures and capillary punctures; and veryfing medical records
 Very friendly with patients and easily alleviates their anxieties.

Key Competencies
 Venipuncture & Capillary Puncture
 Donor care
 Professional Blood Collection and Handling Safety
 Medical Records Review  Specimen Storage
 Patient care
 Quality Assurance and standards

Professional Experience

Phlebotomist, AIC Hospital (Thistown, CA), 2012 to Present

 Collected blood samples for medical testing and transfusion through venipuncture or capillary puncture.
 Collected blood samples capillary puncture or venipunture for testing or transfusion
 Adhered to the safety procedures while carrying out my duties
 Safely stored and transported samples
 Establish good patient relationships and reduced anxiety during phlebotomy procedures
Phlebotomist, DAL Organization (Thistown, CA), 2007 to 2012
 Carried out phlebotomy duties in the center as well as mobile units
 Made donors very comfortable during the procedure which increased the number of donors steadily

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