Preschool Teacher Resume That Wins

A preschool teacher, also known as a kindergarten teacher, helps in nurturing and developing abilities, knowledge and social skills of children who are between three and five years and helps in preparing them for primary school education. As a preschool teacher, you will assist the children you are taking care of to develop socially and emotionally and also physically. You will work to improve your learners cognitive and communication skills. You will also be expected to maintain a clean and safe environment for children and a form healthy relationship with them and their parents or guardians. You will also be expected to initiate contact with their parents to help them reinforce what is taught at school at home.
Preschool teachers are usually employed in state owned, voluntary-aided or private owned preschools. They work in accordance with the relevant municipal and federal policies of their specific region.

Writing tips for a preschool teacher resume

preschool learningAlthough there are some factors that teachers in different categories would like to include in their resumes, as a preschool teacher, you need to include information that is tailored for preschool learners.
As a preschool teacher, the focus on your resume should be on the crucial role you play towards the development of young children and the personal attributes and skills that make you suitable for that role. You should find a balance between your ability to focus on the development and welfare of children in your class and the ability to closely work with other teachers and childcare professionals.
Here is what to include in your preschool teacher resume that wins
• Basic mathematics and literacy skills are very important in kindergarten level so it’s important that you refer to your mathematical and language skills
• Mention your creative skills especially when creating topics that will engage young children
Major achievements
• Write down successful methods you have come up that develop children through play
• Highlight any instances where you have participated in supervising preschool children in a non-school community settings
• Preschools use information technology and audio visual aids so mention any particular projects that you have created that use this type of equipment.
Previous work experience as a preschool teacher
• Emphasize how you can effectively use play and storytelling to increase language and vocabulary acquisition among your young learners.
• Write down instances where you have been able to develop and improve social skills of your preschool learners through the use of group activities
• As a preschool teacher, you need to closely work with parents, so explain how good you are in communicating with parents.
• It is important that a preschool teacher is able to reassure young kids. Describe how you will achieve that through greeting and befriending them and responding to their needs on an individual basis.
Ensure that your resume clearly shows your passion for young children and communicates a clear awareness of your responsibility to build children’s knowledge and confidence.
Here is a preschool teacher resume that will guide you in writing your preschool teacher resume that wins

Resume Sample #1

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■ Qualifications Summary
Ten years experience as a preschool teacher with immeasurable practical experience, clear understanding of child development and creative teaching methods which help in comforting children, building their self esteem, inspire creative learning and make learning a joyful experience.

Core competencies include,
• Very familiar with all emergency procedures.
• Extremely knowledgeable with children’s educational development theories and the expected practices
• Patient and compassionate: can easily handle difficult children gently so as to establish disciplinary rules and keep order and respectfulness.
• Good work ethics: team building, problem solving and supervision skills
• Excellent communication skills and flexibility: easy to communicate with and listens to children’s needs, parents and the administration
• Aware of different cultural needs of children
• Completely aware with emergency practices

Objective Statement – Bring my efficiency, caring nature and expertise to the position of a preschool teacher and nurture children in the best way I can to be their parent’s source of joy and the schools pride.

Professional Experience
Foot Prints Elementary, Tree Harbor, FL January 2009 – Present
Preschool Teacher
Key Functions:
• Taught children basic concepts such as coloring, numbers, sounds and shapes
• Taught social skills and proper hygiene practices to children
• Planned group activities: games, storytelling, plays and music
• Read books to the whole class and in smaller groups
• Established class rules and maintained order
• Kept progress records for each individual learner
• Organized for parents meetings when needed to discuss progress

■ Education
• Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education
• Diploma in Child Care
• Coursework in school basics art and craft, and music.

Preschool teacher job description

A preschool teacher instructs children below five years in different activities that are designed to improve their social, intellectual and physical development that will be needed for primary school. As a preschool teacher you may be required to have a state certification. You will be expected to provide to the young children different materials and resources for children to explore and use during learning and imaginative play. As a preschool teacher, you should also take care of the children’s basic needs by dressing them, feeding them and diapering them when necessary. The preschool teacher fosters reasoning and problem solving by engaging the children in active activities and increasing their level of interaction.

Preschool teacher duties

As a preschool teacher, you should develop and implement lessons and prepare schemes of work. You are also expected to organize and supervise work and play activities such as reading, cooking, dancing and music among others so that children are safe. In case you have children with special needs, you should try as much as you can to integrate them with respect. Parents and children should be provided with a weekly schedule that has been created by the preschool teacher.
You are also expected to talk to parents about behavioral changes in children and in case there is a problem, try to solve it in an affectionate manner. Clean and sterilize toys and any other equipment every day and ensure that all cupboards are locked and cleaning supplies are kept out of reach. Encourage children through good expressions and hugs and comfort them when they are in need. A preschool teacher or a kindergarten teacher should promote literacy and early childhood education at all times.

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