Respiratory Therapist Resume That Is Remarkable

There is an increase in the number of health problems in the United States and health care centers always need medical professionals who can give a helping hand to the senior doctors while ensuring exceptional patient care. The respiratory therapy field is growing, and the medical jobs in this sector are surely going to provide jobs for people looking for jobs in the respiratory field. You will often work in acute care hospitals although your services may also be needed in nursing homes, sleep disorder clinics, surgical hospitals and outpatient care facilities among others. use the following tips to write a respiratory therapist resume that is remarkable.respiratory_therapist

Resume writing tips for respiratory therapist

An effective respiratory therapist resume can be simple and easy to write if you adhere to the following guidelines:
• Write your name and contact information in bold at the center of your resume.
• Start your resume with one strong sentence that explains your skills that match the requirements that the recruiter is looking for.
• In a table or bullet list, state your key competencies. Limit your skills to the job advertisement you are applying.
• In the previous job or experience section, list the duties you performed with an accomplishment section that is backed with evidence.
• In the education section, mention your certification or licenses in the related field. This shows the recruiter that you are serious about the profession you are working in.
• If you have any special character that may make you better than the other candidates, create an additional strength section and add it there.
• Avoid fancy fonts Calibri and New Times Roman are excellent choices
• Limit your resume to a single page. However, two pages are also accepted.

Respiratory Therapist Resume sample #1

002 Brooklyn Avenue, Apt 43A
New York, NY 100987
(333) 456- 23456

■ Career Profile
• A licensed respiratory therapy specialist, with more than 10 years experience, offering respiratory care procedures and consultations and carrying out different forms of respiratory care duties. I also posses medical assistant skills which are vital in my work.
Statement Objective – Looking for a respiratory therapy position in shalom hospital that is challenging for professional growth and personal development.
Core Competencies
• Detail oriented
• Easily comprehends medical instructions given by the physician and implements them
• Proficient with the medical equipments used in treating patients
• Compassionate towards patients
• Knowledgeable about human anatomy

■ Professional Experience
Lucky Health Care clinic New City land, CA 2008 – Present
Registered Respiratory Therapist
Key Functions:
• Administered emergency services in severe cases where a patient was unable to breathe due to heart attack or severe asthma
• Created treatment plans for patients with the help of the physician
• Closely monitored patients and examined particular symptoms
• Worked with other members of the medical staff and consulted in case of changes in the treatment plans for a patient
• Carried out difficult therapies depending on the physical conditions of a patient.
• Supervised junior respiratory therapists to execute the routine inspections
• Executed treatments such as mixing oxygen on patients
• Collected and scrutinized gases in blood
■ Education & Qualifications
California State University New City land, CA 2001 – 2007
• Bachelor of Science in Health Science. Majored in Respiratory Therapy
• Masters in Science in Health Sciences. Majored in Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapist Job description

respiratory therapist students
Although your job description will vary from one employer to the other, generally, you will be helping patients who are suffering from breathing complications. These complications range from minor, short-term to chronic conditions. You may also take care of patients who have breathing complications that may have resulted due to traumatic conditions such as heart attacks. You will often take care of babies who are born prematurely since their lungs are usually underdeveloped.

Respiratory Therapist Job duties

You will perform your duties under the supervision of a physician supervisor. These duties will be to evaluate, diagnose and treat different types of breathing disorders. When it comes to choosing the best treatment plans for their patients, you will be given freedom to choose the best that will work for your patient. You will also interview and examine your patients in regard to their respiratory illnesses, test their lung capacities and diagnose respiratory diseases. You will also examine the levels of different gases such as oxygen in a patient’s blood and scrutinize the results of the tests carried out and identify any underlying issues.
It is also your duty to get rid of excess mucus and fluids from a patient’s lungs, clear any physical obstructions on your patient’s lungs and teach patients on how to properly use inhalers and other tools that may aid in respiratory. You may also be required to provide first aid to drowning or heart attack victims or to people suffering from severe shock. Though most respiratory therapist work in hospital settings, there are those that work in home care. If you are working in home care, you are expected to set ventilators and other different types of life support equipment and educate caretakers on their use.

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