Retail Sales Associate Resume That Is Well Thought

Retail sales associates are found in different retail venues and different locations from very small retail stores to larger superstores in shopping malls. This is a job that is very interactive with the customers meaning that as a sales associate you should have very good customer communication skills.

Retail sales associate writing tips

A retail sales associate resume is a vital marketing tool that you use to sell yourself to a potential employer. Getting a job in the retail industry is not the major purpose of your resume; rather, it is a tool that will assist you in getting an interview. A job in the sales retail industry offers a job that combines both your interests and people skills.
Here is how to write a good retail sales associate resume that is well thought to land you that elusive interview to further explain your skills.

Highlight your success stories
In sales, modesty will not get you noticed. Brag about your success in increasing sales. The retail industry is a result oriented business and while numbers may not tell the whole truth, they also do not lie. Most retailers are looking to see how you will help in the success of their sales team so numbers will assist in proving your skills.retail sales associate
Make sure you are specific about what you achieved in your previous job and when you achieved it. Include performance metrics such as total sales, average sale and items sold per sale within a given time frame. Show your commitment to learning
Those people who sell the highest are the most knowledgeable about the products they sell. If you attended product seminars, ensure you let your employer know in your resume.
This shows that you take the retail industry seriously and you are willing to learn new things and that you can easily adapt to changes.

List any leadership roles that you participated in.
If you were responsible for training new hires or you led a number of sales associates make sure you include that in your resume. This will show the employer that you are responsible and the company that had employed you trusted in your abilities and personal judgments to meet the company set standards lead a team and solve any problems that may arise.

Explain how your ideas were executed
Did you suggest an idea that was positively acted upon? Explain how it was implemented and what the results looked like. Be very brief and specific.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread
After you are done highlighting all these skills and achievements, do not forget to proof read your resume. Check for any grammar, sentence and spelling mistakes before you send your resume. You can always ask a friend to proof read it for you. Sometimes, it’s hard to realize your own mistakes.
Here is a retail sales associate resume that is well thought.

Retail associate resume sample #1

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■ Overview

• More than 10 years experience in different sales environments
• A top sales seller who goes out of her way to create good relationships with clients
• Very flexible, hardworking and can assume extra duties
Objective Statement – Seeking a retail sales associate position in a business that will offer me the chance to provide excellent results in different sales fields. Focused on improving business standards, sales targets and customer expectations.

■ Professional Experience

Sales Associate J&L Company, Miami, FL May 2007 – Present
• Planned promotional strategies that increased the company’s profits
• Showed technical skills and wide product knowledge
• Created a database of a clientele base through cold calling, mail and networking
• Very well knowledgeable with proposal models.

Major accomplishments

• Helped in the implementation of any company marketing plans when needed
• Positively responded to inquiries and trade suggestions
• Attended meetings with customers and made their requirements known to the management
• Demonstrated the products well thus motivating a lot of clients.


• Developed and maintained good business relationships with potential and existing clients.
• Recommended sales campaigns and promotions.
• Met all the planned sales goals as per the organizations business plan
• Developed and kept good relationships with new and existing clients
• Recommended sales promotions and campaigns
  Warehouse assistant, ABC Company Miami, FL July 2004 – October 2007

Key Responsibilities

• Worked together with the sales manager to come up with new ideas
• Conducted proper market research together with the production team
• Helped in product promotion
• Helped in price assessments in the department
• Planned for the demonstration of various products to promote awareness among customers
• Attended meetings with customers and suppliers
• Developed sales reports
• Was actively involved in company development programs

Educational Qualification

  • Associates’ degree in sales and Marketing
  • Diploma in Banking

Retail sales associate job description

A retail sales associate normally works in a retail environment where customer service is usually the priority in their list of activities. The main job of a retail sales associate is to respond to customer’s questions and selections in regard to the stores merchandise. To be in this position, you should be a person who is outgoing and friendly as the need to please customers is very important in this kind of work.
A retail sales associate is usually given daily periodic sales goals which they must meet so as to qualify for recommendations and any available promotions. The retail industry highly depends on its sales team that is why employers are usually very strict when hiring sales associates.

Retail Sales associate job duties

As a sales associate, you will be expected to greet the customers who enter the shop you are working in and assist them to look for the products and goods they want to purchase. You will also be expected to answer any questions from the customers and process cash or card payments that they make.
It is your duty to stock shelves with the products you are selling, advice and guide customers on the different products that you are selling and deal with any refunds by customers
You are also expected to always keep the store tidy and clean, balance cash registers and receipts, and attach price tags to merchandise that are on the shop floor. You should also receive and store the delivery of large stock amounts.

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