Sales Associate Job Description, Duties, And Salary

Sales associates are usually employed by large departmental stores and small specialty stores. Sales associate job description include quality and courteous service to customers. The sales associate job is a high demand occupation since there are so many stores that require their services. A lot of stores employ sales associates to sell and market their products so as to increase their sales. A good retail sales associate should be able to easily connect with customers and should have a pleasant and easy personality.

Job duties

Generally, a sales associate day is spent communicating with customers, giving clear information to customers about products they are interested in, and making sure that client’s needs are met while at the store. A sales associate is a representation of employer or particular brands and should therefore be professional.sales associate
As a sales associate, you are expected to greet and welcome customers when they get into the store. Offer a friendly greeting and smile while keeping eye contact with the clients. Always show enthusiasm with the customer no matter how bad your day is and walk with the customer along the aisle as they shop. Ask customers open-ended questions so that you establish what they are really looking for.

You will also be expected to keep the working environment clean and neat. If a customer picks a shirt and returns it to the shelf, make sure that it is folded neatly so that the store looks neat. It is also your responsibility to ensure that all the products are kept in their designated areas. You should also be aware of all the products that are available in the store. You cannot guide customers if you do not know what kinds of products stocked. Processing and replenishing products as well as monitoring the stock will be useful for you so that you may be knowledgeable on the inventory. Additionally, you should be aware of the benefits and different uses of all the products you sell so that you can give customers options. Give answers about the products you are selling to the customer’s level of understanding. Do not confuse them with a lot of products jargon.

You should also tag merchandise that features at the aisle. This means that if during the day the price of a product changes, you should retag and update its current price. Good maintenance of products on the display and on the shelves facilitates convenience for the customer and it is vital that the product lanes appear inviting.

As a sales associate, you will be sometimes expected to start working before anybody else arrives in the store. This means you will be in-charge of opening the store. Ensuring the store is ready for customers is what you should do. This does not mean that you will leave the store earlier than everybody else. You may be expected to remain behind, check the accounts and close the store. Therefore, you may be the last person to leave the store.

You will also be expected to offer assistance to customers who have special orders and help in installation. In case there are complaints from customers, you should report this to the store’s manager. As a sales associate, always ensure you give the correct feedback to shoppers about the products they are looking for. If there is theft or burglary, you should contact the store security team or alert the police so that the situation is professionally handled.

Education background

sales associate
Most sales associate jobs do not require one to have special training. However, most stores with employ someone who has a high school diploma or its equivalent. A lot of employers usually provide customer service training programs for sales associates who are entry level. The training programs cover different topics such as interacting with customers, store policies and implementing them, operating the register and understanding the necessary security measures. Depending on the kind of store you are working in, you may get extra training in particular products such as cosmetics or electronics. If you are an entry level candidate, you are expected to be willing to learn new concepts. To become a manager, you may have to acquire a college degree in business management or complete a training program that is provided by your employer.

Job requirement of a sales associate

As a sales associate, you are expected to work standing for long periods of time, so you need to be physically fit to do so. Work schedules of sales associates can change weekly and sometimes, you may be expected to work during the weekends. During holidays or promotional events, you may also to work overtime.

Good communication skills are vital for a sales associate. To be a successful sales associate and to maintain a good working relationship with customers and co-workers, courtesy is important.

Approximate pay

After learning about sales associate job description, let’s take a look at sales associate salary. The salary for a sales associate may be an hourly wage or a combination of commission and base. There are some employers who set the sales volume goals that eventually determine the amount of money a sales associate earns. The mean salaries for sales associates are lower than the average of most other occupations.

Sales associates make a median of $10.09 an hour or $30,990 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sales associates who earn the least received an hourly wage of $8 while the highest paid sales associates earned an hourly wage of $18.51. Sales associates who work in home furnishing stores earn an hourly wage of $13.36 while those who work in luggage, leather and jewelry stores earned an hourly rate of $13.45. Clothing stores which employ the highest percentage of sales associates pay an hourly wage of $10.35. Shoes stores pay their sales associates $10.32 hourly wage.

The salary of retail associates also varies due to the state one is working in. Sales associates who work in D.C earn the highest hourly wage of about $13.79 while sales associates in Kentucky earn the least hourly wages of $10.32.

Advancement opportunities

The career growth chances of sales associate are available if only one is dedicated to their work. Most business need a sales associate so that they can make good sales. If you are good at your job, then you can become a store manager.

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