Security Guard Resume That Will Land You An Interview

security guardA security officer is charged with the duty surveying assigned areas or properties for any illegal activities or suspicious behavior. Whether these security officers are armed or unarmed, they are a source of authority in their specific places of work while promoting safety and order.

How To Write A Security Guard Resume That Will Land You An Interview

• Always make sure you highlight your years of experience in a similar job. List any achievements that you have had in your previous job.
• If you have any special training related to this kind of job, ensure you mention this in your resume.
• A resume that is well crafted is very vital if you are a candidate applying for a job. When applying for a security job , you should ensure that your resume illustrates a perfect objective statement together with the skills that you possess as this is a job that is skills based.
• Honesty and dedication are very important skills that a security guard should posses. Make sure you mention these two important skills in your job resume.
• Communication is very important in this job so ensure that you indicate that in your resume.
If you are planning on writing a security guard resume, then you need to give it some serious thought. Make use of the tips you have learnt here and you will surely land your dream job.

Here is a sample of a security guard resume that will guide you.

Resume Example


    Wayne John

26 K My Lane, Buffalo, TX 34891-6578 (006) 213-2059

To provide exceptional security services with my years of professional experience as a security guard.

• Ten years experience as Security Guard.
• Fast in thinking and acting on emergency issues.
• Great skills in detecting and resolving imminent security threats
• Easy to adapt to changes in the job.
• Very courteous and polite

• Excellent command of verbal and written communication.
• Pays a keen eye to details.
• Multilingual– English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

• Identified and came up with new positions for security cameras, decreasing security threats by 45%
• Trained 30 entry level security guards with success.

Wells Fargo (2012- Present)

Security Guard
• Controlled traffic to and from the premises
• Made spot on decisions when the situations called for that
• Carefully did investigations and reported all illegal activity in the premise
• Regularly did safety inspections to keep off any security threats

The Commercial Bank
• Checking of visitors before allowing them to the banking hall
• Operated sophisticated equipments and cameras to check on what is going on in the bank
• Gave the right directions to visitors
• Patrolled the major areas in banks
• Controlled the number of people who could access the bank

• ICS Certificate in Security Operations
• Houston law school
Signature of Wayne John

Security Guard Job Description

The responsibility of Security guards is to monitor and protect property against damage or any criminal activities. A guard may be employed in a hospital, school, bank, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants and even private homes. You should carefully monitor the flow of people in and out of the place you work and be able to act fast during emergency situations.

If you are planning on being a security guard, then you may get a job where you are either stationed at a desk or where you are supposed to be on patrol on foot or in a car. Therefore, it is important that you are physically fit to perform such duties. This job is similar to that of a waiter because you have to keep moving as you work. An employer will look for an individual who is keen on details and one who is observant and not easy to distract and can easily spot threats. You should also be an active listener because security guards should be able to identify complaints and collect information on any unusual behavior or activity.

Security Guard Job Duties

For you as a security guard to protect people and their property, you must have a vast knowledge of rules and enforce them accordingly so as to halt any criminal activity before it is carried out. You should be able to skillfully monitor points of access in a property so as to allow only the people with the right identification in the property. If it is during a public event or in a crowded event, you should walk among the visitors so as to keep order and provide a physical presence that will deter any persons from carrying out any illegal activities.
If you are working after hours, you will maintain the surveillance of a property by walking throughout the grounds or using alarm systems. You should be able to investigate and report any signs of damage when it occurs. Some issues will require you to make written or oral reports to the law enforcers.


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