Tips For Writing A Medical Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Medical assistants are important members of clinics, hospitals and healthcare institutions. Their roles differ widely depending on the size of the institution they are working in and the kind of work their seniors chose to give to them.

Tips for writing a medical assistant cover letter samples

Writing a medical assistant resume is not easy, and a medical assistant cover letter demands even more. If your cover letter fails to grab the attention of the recruiter, then chances are low they will even take the time to go through your resume. The tips below will assist you to create an attention commanding cover letter. Ensure that you tailor each cover letter for the specific job so that you meet your potential employer’s needs.
Start with a strong introduction

Avoid lengthy introductions. A recruiter will never go beyond an introduction that goes on and on without being specific. Your resume will just be tossed into the trash bin. Rather, just write a concise and brief introduction that includes your name, education background, experience and the position you are seeking.

Make a list
A list offers a strong way of catching the recruiter’s eye and retaining their attention. Focus on your strongest skills and list them down just below the introduction.
Leave valid contacts
Giving your phone number is not enough. If you would like the employer to contact you, then at the closing paragraph include your email address and telephone number. You may also want to include the times of the day you are available so that you may not miss the call.
Finish your cover letter elegantly
Finish by thanking the hiring manager for taking their time to read your cover letter and indicate that you are hoping they will contact you as soon as possible.

Although you may have a well written cover letter, a simple spelling or grammar mistake may ruin everything for you. After you have finished writing your letter, go through it to correct any spelling, grammar and wording mistakes. You can also give your trusted friend or a family member to read it over again. Avoid the embarrassment of looking incompetent to recruiters by avoiding careless mistakes.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample #1

Senders name
Complete address
Contact details

Human Resource Manager
Mater Hospital
New Jersey
Ref: Job Opening for Medical Assistant (Job Code- AB0045)

Dear Sir/Madam,
In reference to your advertisement that appeared in the New York Times on June 4th, 2010, I hereby apply for the above mentioned job opening.
I hold a diploma in medical assistant studies and a certificate in child psychology from the international university in Texas. I completed my studies in the year 2005. I have worked as a medical assistant in a physician’s office for three years in Mid hill hospital. I received an award for being the most friendly medical assistant during the annual appraisal ceremony held by Mid hill hospital. Putting into consideration my job experience and your job description, I feel I am the right match for this job.
You are most welcome to discuss my job profile in detail. Thank you for taking your valuable time to go through my profile.
I hope to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Signature( yours)
Sender’s Name

Cover Letter Sample #2

Your Full Name

Dear (Name)
I am glad to submit my resume for the position of a medical assistant at the Hope clinic. I am confident that my medical assistant certification from Nazareth University has fully equipped me to face any hardships during the course of my work.
I have strong skills that I have perfected through my training in Nazareth University. Below are my most competent skills.
• Giving injections
• Helping in carrying out minor surgeries
• Medical billing and coding
• Scheduling patient appointments
Additionally, I completed an internship with one of the best hospitals, Michigan hospital that helped me to apply my theoretical knowledge in a real-live setting.
Although I am a fresh medical assistant, I am passionate about my job and I would be glad if you offered me an opportunity to discuss in person about my skills and education. You may get in touch with me through (002)567-4568 or email me at ( to organize a meeting date that fits in your schedule.
Thank you for reading my application. I look forward to hear from you.
Your Name

Medical Assistant Job description

medical assistant
As a medical assistant you are entitled to offer assistance to the doctor as you carry out general checkups and provide the necessary information to patients and visitors in regards to the operating procedures of the hospital. Due to an influx of patients and people seeking better medical services, there is an increasing demand for medical assistants. Medical assistants generally have busy days and they do not have fixed working days and may often work long hours with very little rest.

Medical Assistant Job duties

Medical assistants carry out different duties according to the place they are working as earlier mentioned. Generally, a medical assistant will carry out different nursing procedures under the supervision of a physician or a physician assistant. You will also help the physician in exam rooms, accompany patients to examination rooms, interview patients; take vital signs including blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, and weight and record all the information in patient’s charts.
You will also ensure that exam rooms are well stocked with enough medical supplies, maintain instruments as well as prepare sterilization as per the requirements. Handle and answer both internal and external phone calls and transfer calls to the needed departments. You will also be expected to manage appointments for patients as per the doctor’s schedule and give registration forms to patients so that they can fill the needed information. You will also be expected to prepare and give medications as per the physician’s directions.
As a medical assistant, part of your job duty will also include authorizing drug refills and offering prescription information for pharmacies and change dressings on wounds for patients. Process medical insurance claims, electronic claims and make use of the correct coding procedures if your office does not outsource the work.

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