Truck Driver Resume 101

A resume is usually considered as a self-advertisement. Truck Driver Job is no exception. When written perfectly, it shows your skill sets, achievements and your experience that match the requirements of the job you are applying for. In this case, if you are a truck driver and you are planning to write a perfect resume, here are a few tips that you have to know when writing your resume. It includes the following:

-Create a heading. This should be placed at the top of your resume and this gives all of your relevant contact information that includes your name, phone number, email address and your address.

-Choose your layout style. In this section, there are 3 main general formats for creating your resume. It includes: Functional, chronological and combination format. The work history and the type of job you are looking for, will determine the layout style you should use.

truckDriverResume Example-Mention your employment history. Since this is a chronological resume, the jobs should be indicated in a chronological order starting with your most recent employment. Make sure to include the name of the company, your title, location your duties and responsibilities while you were working there. It is also important to indicate the dates that you were employed. In addition, don’t forget to start with your job title.

-Provide the history of your education. This is similar to your jobs, you have to list all of your education in a chronological order starting with your most recent schooling. Mention any certifications you have, trade schools, or any activities you may have participated in.

-Provide special qualifications or skills. After you have listed your most important information, look for other things that you find important. You may create a section and call it “Special Skills”. If you can speak more than one language, you should list all the languages you speak. Ensure to make a note of your knowledge level, for instance, intermediate, advanced, novice, or fluent. Another important thing to note is that, if you are familiar with a certain area of work that other candidates may not be familiar with, make sure to include your expertise level here for it will add more value to your  resume.

-Give references. You have to provide 2 to 4 professional references (they should not be your friends or somebody who comes from your family) with their names, contact information and relationship to you. The best known reference to use the manager or somebody who was superior to you in your previous work. Also you have to also know that, the place you are applying might contact some of these people, so it is advisable that you alert them in advance in order to let them know that you are using them just for reference and you are currently looking for a job.

Truck Driver Resume Example

Kemoda James

8798 Main Ave ● Colorado, CA 154762 ● (676) 577-04354  ●

A position as a truck driver


Well dedicated Truck  Driver with over 5 years experience transporting and delivering freight throughout the northern part of United States

  • Demonstrated capacity in order to ensure delivery within the specified time.
  • Track record of achieving efficient and cost-effective operations of transportation of goods and also hazardous materials at the same time keeping compliance with the federal, municipal and state regulations.
  • Well skilled in specialized transport of equipment that includes pneumatic bulkers, double pups and tankers.

Woodlands Logistics, Colorado

Truck Driver

  • Delivered petroleum products to service stations. Oversee refueling to compliance with all the regulations that governs safe handling of hazardous and flammable materials.
  • Maintained the consistency of on-time delivery record with over 95% of all the orders arriving ahead of the scheduled period.
  • Well recognized for outstanding professional achievement, hence earning Safe Driving Award for the company for four good years.
  • Achieved Employee Award of the Month four times in one year.


Certificate of completion
School of Driving professionals, Colorado -2006

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