Sous Chef Resume Samples And Job Description

A sous chef has an important role in the kitchen. The job of a sous chef usually involves cooking different meals, supervising the other members of the kitchen staff and playing the managerial role in the kitchen. Most high end restaurants, casinos, cruise ships and hotels employ sous chefs so that their kitchens are professionally managed. The job of a sous chef is not entirely cooking.

Resume writing tips

Your resume is the closest you will get to your potential employer and if you have an impressive resume, then you will get closer to them again for the interview. What then makes a good resume then? There is no set structure for a resume, but here are some tips that will assist you in creating a great sous chef resume.
Contact information.
This is what the employer sees immediately they have a glimpse of your resume. Re-check your contact information to be sure you give the correct details. If you are just beginning your career, give a number for a permanent contact so that in case you do not get hired immediately, companies may trace you for future employment.sous chef
Employment history
Give a short but complete job description for the previous jobs you held. Make it easy for the recruiter to get this information by giving short and precise sentences. Where necessary use capitals and bold for positions held and location. Write down your early job positions before you became a sous chef. Some recruiters would like to see your progression up to a sous chef.
Before you begin writing about your background, write down what you would like the recruiter to know about you and what you look for in the job you are applying for. Employers would like to know how long you held a position so be sure to include those dates and recheck them to ensure they are correct. Wrong dates can cost you an interview which could have landed you a job.
Special skills
If you have any special skills, this is the time to brag about them. These special skills may include pastry skills, butchering, languages and ice carving. You may include a few pictures and menus of your special skills but do not overwhelm the recruiter with a lot of them.

Bullet points
Although it is always good to use bullets on your resume, do not over do it. Just pick the important points and present the information clearly and concisely. An effective resume is usually simple and clear.

Proof read
Proofread your resume. It is never easy to spot your errors. Always ask somebody else to help you in proofreading your resume. Do not always rely on spell checkers because sometime they may give the wrong words. Here is a sample of a sous chef resume.

Sous chef resume sample #1

Connie Richmond
7 NJ Summer Rose St, Hillsburg
Contact (555) 222-4444,

Looking for a position of Sous Chef at Samba Hotels. Providing skills in different cooking styles so as to organize a favorable kitchen environment.
• Eight years experience working as a Sous chef in a high end supermarket
• Experienced in providing memorable experience to patrons
• Highly knowledgeable in training and supervising junior members of the kitchen staff
• Proficient in helping the executive chef to meet and even exceed the hotels expectations
• Made changes in the order management system and made changes in the menu and trained staff on how to accurately take customers orders
• Taught other members of the kitchen staff about new cooking methods and decorating dishes.

January 2006 – Present
Panari Sky Hotel
Sous Chef

• Interacted actively with patrons
• Prepared a duty schedule daily and delegated extra work to the kitchen staff
• Give instructions on different cooking methods
• Created new menu items
• Kept high standards of hygiene in the kitchen
• Reviewed special daily specials
• Carry out shift briefings everyday
• Ensured the kitchen is well stocked with enough cooking supplies
• Associates Degree – Top Chef Institute –2005
• Food manager certified professional

• Works well under pressure in a busy kitchen
• Excellent guest service skill
• Multilingual
• Great time manager and can work well in a team.

Sous Chef Job description

sous chef garnishing food
As a sous chef, you will directly report to the executive chef and you should be highly knowledgeable about the operations of a kitchen so that you may fill in the position of the executive chef when they are not available.
You must be able to delegate your duties effectively to the kitchen staff. You must also be able to use your wide experience as a culinary chef to mentor and coach the junior chefs.

Job duties

As a sous chef, you are responsible for the planning and directing of food preparation in the kitchen. This will include supervising other members of the kitchen staff and also be keen to realize any problems that may occur in the kitchen and take control of the situation immediately.

You may also be expected to take disciplinary measures on low performing members of the kitchen staff and reward those members who perform exemplary well in their roles.
You should also take inventory of the food supplies and interact with the administrations in regards to the same. It is also your responsibility to ensure that all the products used in the preparation of food in the kitchen are of the highest quality. You should also ensure that the food leaving the kitchen is also of high quality and that the patrons are satisfied. Additionally, you should ensure that the food portions are correct and that the food is served in an attractive manner.

It is also your responsibility to arrange tickets and order the preparation of food so that diners get their food in the right order. For instance, you will tell the other chefs when to prepare various menu items for a given table of customers so that all the food will be hot and ready at the same time.

It is also your duty to ensure that proper hygiene and sanitation standards are maintained in the kitchen all through. You will also be expected to come up with dessert menus and manage the other members of the kitchen support staff that are involved with the preparation of dessert. Supplies should always be stocked enough so that you do not inconvenience diners. As a sous chef, you may also be expected to assist the administration in preparation of a budget for the department. During the preparation of meals, you are charged with the role of ensuring that high quality control measures are followed.

Sometimes, you may have other responsibilities outside the kitchen such as scheduling staff and depending on the premises you are working in, you may be involved in the apprenticeship development projects. However, many duties of a sous chef are administrative sometimes taking more than a quarter of their working hours.

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