How To Write An Esthetician Resume: Example And Tips

The spa and beauty idustry is growing. With more and more people flocking to day spas for rest and relaxation, and to keep their youthful appearence, the skin care ad beauty field is the place to be. An esthetician is knowledgeable about beauty and the techniques associated with it. They use their creativity and appreciation of beauty as an art form. Estheticians are also known as beuticians and they are traditionally very creative and artistic in nature. Facials, hair and skin care, makeup, and aromatherapy are just a few of the services of estheticians.

Schooling and training is required to become an esthetician, and a license is required for this field. In beauty school you will learn such techniques as skin care procedures, hair care, makeup artistry, and some business skills. Salary ranges in this field depending on whether you freelance or work in a spa, whether or not you work on commission, the amount of training and education you have received, and the amount of experience you have. Choosing a competitive estheticial training program can significant impact the wages you will receive for your service.

Writing an esthetician resume should focus on your education and licensing since this is a big indicator of your qualifications. Skills should be stressed along with any experience you may have. If you’re just out of beauty school don’t worry, just highlight your education. You will gain experience and additional training while on the job that can be added to future resumes.

Getting started writing is resume is one of the hardest tasks. Using a format to help you along can make your resume writing task a lot easier. Here is a format that many employers like to see. It’s simple and easy to read at first glance:

Esthetician Resume Sample

Jane Doe

1 Street Rd, Someplace, NY 11111●(111) 222-3333●

Career Objective:
To use my training and experience of the most advanced facial and skin care techniques to give customers the highest quality of service they deserve. To provide an environment to promote well being, and to understand the person as a whole to provide them with treatment specific to their needs and wants.

Key Skills:
-Advanced skin care skills such as facial massages, chemical peels and masks, and waxing and hair removal
-makeup application skills that are both practical and artistic
-Keeping a clean and sterile work station
-Record keeping, collection of payments, inventory, and general business skills
-Exceptional communication interpersonal, and customer service skills

-Someplace Estheticial School. Someplace NY (2000-2002) Degree in Esthetical studies
-Someplace Community College, Someplace NY (1998-2000). Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

-Esthetician License (May 2002)
-First aid and CPR certificate (May 2000)

Technical Skills:
-General computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft office, MS word, and excel

Professional Experience:

Someplace Day Spa. Someplace, NY (January 2010-present)
-Perform skin evaluations
-Provide facial massages, peels, masks, and other necessary skin care
-provide aromatherapy and therapeutic techniques
-Waxing and removing body and facial hair
-Applying makeup and teaching application techniques
-Makeup artistry
-Business and clerical tasks including record keeping, inventory, and scheduling appointments

Someplace Spa and Skin Care Studio. Someplace NY (September 2002- January 2010)
-Makeup application and artistry
-Recommending products and teaching techniques to customers who want to apply their own makeup
-Providing facials, chemical peels, and masks
-Providing general waxing and hair removal
-Giving beauty tips and holding beauty workshops
-General office, clerical, and scheduling duties

Esthetician jobA resume should include your contact information, career objective, key skills, education, certifications, technical skills, and your professional experience.
Contact information. This should include your name, address, phone number, and email address. This should be on the top of your resume. If your qualifications match what the employer needs, this is how he will go about contacting you to set up an interview. Make sure it is free from any errors.
Career Objective. This is your goal, and what you would like to get out of your career with the company. The way you are going to approach the position based on your qualifications, training, and/or experience.
Key skills. This is a list of short sentences highlighting your skills and qualifications. It should be simple, easy to read, and to the point. These are the things you think are very important and that you want the potential employer to know about you.
Education. This should include your highest level of education and should include the Esthetician school you attended. It should state the dates you attended, and the degree you received.
Certification. This should include any certificates you have received and any special licenses.
Technical Information. This should state your experience and knowledge with computers, computer programs, and technological devices. Technology is used in our everyday lives and many employers like to see that you have at least basic knowledge.
Professional Experience. This is where you’re going to list all your previous jobs. Give the name of the company, the years you were employed, your position title, and your job duties and tasks.

Now that you have the perfect resume which includes a format with all the important information that an employer is looking for, it is now time to start preparing for your interview. If your qualifications match up, most likely you will be contacted for an interview. Be prepared to elaborate on all the information you provided on your resume. Be prepared to answer questions about job experiences, strengths and abilities, and both positive and negative experiences you have had while on the job. Most career centers offer workshops to teach interview skills and even give you a mock interview so you can practice and be ready for anything that may come up in a real interview. These are highly recommended, and they can significantly reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with going on an interview.

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