How To Write A Good Administrative Assistant Resume

AdministrativeAssistantResumeAdministrative professionals are normally relied upon to help in supporting executives and offices by providing office management, clerical functions, project management and front desk oversight or reception. Some of the job titles for administrative resumes may include Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Customer Service Specialist or Office Manager. These professionals are usually required to perform more tasks than their job description states, and most of the jobs in the field of administration are in demand. In this case, when you are writing an administrative assistant  resume, try as much as possible to write the one that have to highlight management experience and exceptional organization, excellent communication skills and also the proficiency in computer programs and office technology.

Administrative Assistant Resume Writing Tips

There are important steps that you have to follow when writing your resume for administrative assistant. It includes:

-Start with your name and your contact information. At the top of your resume, write your name in a bold font clearly. Under your name, write your email address, cellphone number and mailing address.

-Mention your job objective. This normally summarizes who you are and the kind of job you are applying for. In this section, you have to keep your objective to be brief and clear.

-Make a list of your work experience, beginning with your most recent position. Make sure you include all the experience that will enable you to stand out as a capable and qualified administrative professional. In this section also write a brief description of your previous job duties. For instance you may write “Assisted the manager of a busy real estate office with all clerical and administrative tasks. Also you have to make sure that you follow your description with bullet points highlighting the specific achievements and responsibilities.

-You have to mention your education after your work experience. List any post-graduate degrees you earned or college and make sure you include the school you attended and the year of graduation. In addition to this, mention the scholarships, awards or even the relevant extracurricular activities that you were good at.

-List any certifications you hold or any special training you have received. In this section, you have to use the bullet points to document your licenses or any other notable qualifications that you may have received outside the regular schooling.

-Mention the computer technology and office you are familiar with. Usually, the Administrative professionals needs to use various types of databases and software programs. List the ones you are familiar with.

-Offer to provide writing samples and references. A very simple short line at the bottom of your resume like “Writing samples and references available upon request” will make the potential employers to be able to ask you for more information.

In conclusion, the above are the best tips that will really help you a lot when writing your Administrative assistant resume. So, if you are planning to write your resume try using these helpful tips and be rest assured that you will achieve your dream for it has been used by many people and they became successful.

Resume Example #1

                                            Kemoda James

                                                                               653 Cross Avenue

                                                                               Los Angeles

                                                                               024 876-94367


Office Manager

New life society, Los Angeles

May 2010-present

  • Office library maintenance, that included, distribution, keeping of records and cataloging.
  • Ensuring the office is well neat, and more so fully stocked with the tools which are necessary for the office to function.
  • Management of members that includes the email reminders, financial records and also the member roster.

Administrative assistant

Sarova springs, Los Angeles

February 2004-August 2006

  • Assist the clients while entering the office via the phone.
  • Assist with many duties of office administration.
  • Perform management of data, editing the memos and filing forms.


Fly college of Professionals, January 2004

  • Bachelor of Arts-English option

Relevant skills

  • Experience of office budget maintenance.

  • Able to work with various operating systems like Mac OS, Windows and also Linux

Resume Example #2


How to Get a Good Job :

Resume Writing (Video)

Want More Tips For Killer Resume For Administrative Assistant?

Let’s take a closer look at each important section of the resume:

A proper resume for applying for administrative assistant must include the following five main components:

  • Career objective
  • Education
  • Professional experience
  • Additional information
  • Recommendations

Career objective

Is a prelude to the systematic resume where personal info is listed in a fairly technical matter? You have to present to the employer that how you see yourself developing as an administrative assistant how your skills have perfected over the period of time. Be creative in your writing and be original as the employers are probably well experienced in knowing difference. It is a perfect opportunity to highlight your strengths at the very beginning of the resume. Don’t be repetitive. And add whatever you think needs to be added.


If you don’t have an extensive work experience as an administrative assistant, this is the part that would need your special attention.

The basic aspects to be mentioned in these sections are:

  • Degree
  • Institution
  • Major/Minor, Concentration classes
  • Special workshops, Related courses and seminars attended
  • Overall G.P.A

Professional experience:

  • Title of the position
  • Name of the organization
  • Location of the work
  • Date of employment

This section is more of a point-form approach at describing what you can do and how did you learn to do it. You might have an idea of the needs for the job, but specifying what these skills are might present to your boss that you would be a better candidate and a much suited one for the job. Adding where you previously worked as an administrative assistant, How your language skills, and management helped your previous boss(s).You should explain your responsibilities using verbs with proper tenses. You do not need to include your areas of non-expertise; but in special cases do mention them. For example, in case you have claustrophobia, don’t forget to mention you do not prefer working in small rooms.

Once you have described your actual in-the-office experience clearly most employers do get the proper impression if you are fit for the job or not.

Additional information

  • Your interests
  • Computer knowledge
  • Language proficiency
  • Activities


If you have direct references, add “References available upon request”, as individual name is not usually included on the resume.

If you have company recommendations feel free to add them as they might get you right to the interview, which is the core purpose of the resume.

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