How To Write A Maintenance Resume

Writing a good resume that you can send out to perspective employers is the first step to landing a job in your field. First impressions are very important, and your resume is the first thing an employer will see when considering you for a position. Resumes differ slightly, depending on the type of position you are applying for, but all of them should have a few basic characteristics. For example, contact information, career objective, key skills, education, certifications, technical skills, and professional experience are some examples of items that all resumes should include.

Maintenance positions rely very heavily on experience. Therefore, if you’re looking to land a new job in this field, your work experience should be the majority of your resume. Maintenance workers generally have to know how to work independently, with very minimal supervision. They have to know what needs to be done, and when, and they have to know how to accomplish it. Maintenance work can include things such as janitorial work and general upkeep of buildings, or maintenance work can include fixing machinery which would require more of a mechanical background. Before you apply, make sure you know what the job responsibilities are, and that you have all the necessary qualifications.

Generally maintenance workers do not need beyond a high school education. Most of the skill for this trade are learned on the job. They’re first jobs usually consist of simple jobs that don’t require a lot of skills, and they progress from there, learning more about their trade and picking up mechanical ability on the way. Therefore, a resume for a maintenance worker is going to include the skills that they have been taught during their previous jobs.resume for Maintenance

Resumes should be kept to one to two pages if possible. They should be clear and easy to read at first glance. Your skills should be listed in a way that they jump out at the employer, and so that the employer remembers your resume after he has set it down. The best thing to know when writing a resume is to just stick to the basics. Keep your sentences short. If you get called for an interview this is when you can elaborate and go into further detail about your skills, experience, and education.

To help get you started writing your resume, I have included a sample resume that gives a general format of what a resume should look like, and the types of things that should be clearly listed on the resume.

 John Doe

1 Street Rd•Someplace, NY 11111•(111) 222-3333•

Career Objective:

To use the skills I have acquired over time to perform general maintenance of buildings such as malls, appartment complexes, schools, offices, and parks. To use my knowledge of safety procedures and state regulations to keep a clean and safe environment for the public and fellow employees. To advance my career and build on my current skills.

Key Skills:

  • Cleaning and janitorial skills on premises such as malls, apartment complexes, and offices
  • General Repair and painting skills
  • Landscaping and general upkeep skills
  • Assessing the situation, and the ability to know what needs to be done
  • Extensive knowledge of safety procedures and state guidleines and regulations
  • Works well with limited supervision
  • Excellent communication skills

Technical Skills:

  • General computer skills including MS word, excel, lotus, etc


  • Have successfully completed all OSHA requirements


Someplace High School, Someplace, NY (2002-2006). High school diploma

Professional Experience:

Someplace Mall And Shopping Center. Someplace, NY (January 2011-present)

Maintenance Worker/Group Leader

  • General maintenance and upkeep of premises including cleaning an janitorial work
  • Painting and repair of premises or equipment
  • Group leading 5-10 employees and keeping time logs
  • Reporting daily to property managers
  • Ordering supplies, and keeping a log

Someplace Apartment Complex. Someplace NY (March 2009- January 2011)

Maintenance worker/Janitor

  • Maintained the exterior of the premises and helped with any landscaping
  • Helped with maintenance jobs inside the apartment when tenants needed something fixed such as broken doors, windows, leaks, etc.
  • Painted the inside of apartments and got them ready for new tenants
  • General cleaning and janitorial work

Someplace Office Complex. Someplace NY (October 2006- March 2009)

Janitor and maintenance worker

  • Kept a clean, safe, and tidy environment
  • Emptied garbage bins, mopped floors, dusted counter tops
  • Cleaned and sanitized restrooms
  • Cleaned up any spills when necessary

Writing a great resume, and knowing how to make it stand out is as simple as following a general format and making sure you include necessary material. This format is simple and easy to read at a quick glance, and it is one of the formats preferred by many employers.

Now that you have your resume, your next step is to prepare for interviews. The best way to do this is to review your resume and get an idea of what you want to say in your interview. What skills you want to stress most, and what examples you want to give. If you’re nervous about going on an interview, as may people are, you can take advantage of mock interviews. Mock interviews are practice interviews given by “pretend” interviewers. They ask the most common questions that are asked in a typical interview. Many career centers offer this service, and it can help lessen the nervousness and stress associated with interviews.

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