How To Write A Perfect Bank Teller Resume

Bank Teller resume samepls, showing Counting Money for CustomerIn this article, we take you through the steps to create a grea bank teller resume that can help you land your dream job. But first, let’s talk about why a good resume is important. For any kind of job opening application, a CV or resume is normally considered as a selling tool that list your profile, objective, experience,  summary of your skills, education and qualifications. It normally lets the employer to be able to know what kind of job you are seeking and he/she will have to draw attention to your relevant information. One of the most excellent ways to decide on what you should include on your resume is to discover what the prospective employer are looking for in your resume.

The main purpose of any type of a resume is to get an interview call. Here are some of the helpful tips for you to be able to come up with the best resume. In this case we are talking about bank teller resume and it includes the following:

-Your email address should be listed, but fonts should not be larger than your name.

-Don’t use a pre-defined resume template. Instead, try to create a very simple template for you bank teller resume to look attractive and it’s also easier to edit.

-Try to use the font size of 10 to 12 points in Verdana, Ariel or even Times Roman to ensure easier reading.

-When mentioning your name, use you first and last names for easier recognition. Try as much as possible to eliminate your initial or middle name from your resume.

-You have to mention your telephone number along with your email address on the top of your bank teller resume, just below your address.

-The bullet phrases should begin with action words like achieved guided, demonstrated, goverened and many others.

-Profile vs. Objective: Objectives specifically for internships should point to what you desire to improve in terms of your own skills; Objectives specifically for the experienced individuals should state the kind of skills you will have to bring to the company. In this case if you are well experienced candidate, then use a profile.

-Mention your summary of qualifications that is after your job objective. It usually has 4 to 6 bullet phrases that highlight your relevant traits and skills.

-Resume should not be more than 2 pages. 2 pages are only allowed if you have got lots of experience or achievements that will help you stand out in the applicants.

-Make sure you listed everything in a reverse chronological order, for example the last job to be mentioned as first.

-Ensure that you have written the titles in capital letters and also with bold font.

-Make a list of all your degrees by month and also year. If in case they are more than ten years old, the dates should not be listed.

-Mention the accurate name of your degree in your education section on your resume.

-In the experience/employment section, make a list of the end achievements and results; it should not be just duties.

-Don’t mention anything about your personal information in your resume. This includes information like; birth date, your marital status and more.

In conclusion, these are rated as the best tips that enable you to create a perfect bank teller resume. So, if you are planning to write one, try these tips.

Bank Teller Resume sample #1

Ken James

3753 Toronto, 243 676-6656,


A position as a Bank Teller.


  • Well organized and oriented.
  • More than 3 years experience as a Bank Teller.
  • Proficiency in accounting software: Class, Lotus 1-2-3.
  • Proficiency with 10 key.


  • Transnational Bank, Toronto
  • Bank Teller, 2010 to present
  • Worked hand in hand with the customers daily, answering and referring their questions to the relevant personnel hence meeting their banking requirements. Fully accepted and processed loan payments and customer deposits. Balanced and maintained a cash drawer on a daily basis. Responded to the inquiries from the customers in relation to their account balances.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in accounting
  • Smart college, Toronto, May 2009

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