How To Write A Personal Trainer Resume: Samples And Tips

The health and fitness industry is growing, rapidly. As new strategies and information about fitness and well-being become available, people want to be involved, and use this new information to become more healthy and fit, and to reach their fitness goals. But many people simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to come up with or stick to a fitness regimen on their own. So they turn to personal trainers for help to reach their health and fitness goals.

Becoming a personal trainer is an excellent career and industry to get into. A personal trainer can work for themselves as a freelancer, they can own a business, or they can work for a gym or a fitness center. While physical trainers aren’t always required to get certification, most gyms and fitness centers require certification to work for them. If you’re working as a freelance personal trainer, having certification will be better for your reputation as a quality trainer. Having college coursework or degree in a heath related field is also recommended, even though it’s not always necessary. Generally, when it comes to being a personal trainer, the more education and or/certification you have, the more reputable and desirable you become when people are looking for a good personal trainer to hire.

Writing a resume to become a personal trainer should include your skills, education and certification, and your experience. Making sure you include these qualifications in a clear and easy to read format is key to getting noticed by an employer. Most employers have a lot of resumes to sort through, so you want your resume to be formatted in a way that the employer can look over your resume and get the necessary information off of it quickly and effectively.

Below is a list of items that should be included in your resume.

  • Contact information. Your contact information should be at the very top of your resume. It should include your full name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Career objective. This is about a paragraph long, and should state your career goals that you hope to achieve while working for the company.
  • Key Skills. This should be listed directly after your contact information and career objective. This is a list of your skills that you have obtained whether through experience, vocational training, or school. It should also include skills you have obtained throughout your lifetime that are relevant to the job, such as communication or interpersonal skills.
  • Certifications. This is a list of any certificates you hold. For example, if you have any certificates from a first aid or CPR course that you have taken, any type of certification or licensing course, or any type of special license such as a CDL, they should be listed here.
  • Technical skills. These include any type of computer skills, or knowledge of high tech gadgets or equipment. Many employers like to know that you at least have basic knowledge of computers and computer programs since a lot of paperwork and record keeping are now done on computers.
  • Education. This is your highest level of education. If you have a college degree or college coursework, or if you have a vocational degree, you should list it here. Include the school name, location, dates you attended, and your degree. If you are in the process of completing a degree, list the month and year you expect to complete the degree.
  • Professional Experience. This is a list of your work experience. All the jobs you have held. This should include past experience in the personal training field as well as any other type of jobs you have held. Experience from other jobs can crossover to the new field you are pursuing and can be an asset.resume for Personal Trainer

To help get you started writing you personal trainer resume, here is an example of a common format that is clear, concise, and easy to read:

Personal Trainer Resume Samples

Jane Doe

1 Street Rd • Someplace, NY 11111 •(111) 222-3333 •

Career Objective:
To use my motivational skills combined with proven techniques to provide my clients with the best possible health and fitness routines to meet their individual goals.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent motivation and communication skills
  • Individual planning and assessment skills
  • Knowledge of health and wellness as a whole, and the ability to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle
  • Skilled in using exercise equipment and planning aerobic and exercise programs
  • Knowledgeable fitness instructor with many types of classes including cycling and yoga
  • Nutritional and weight management knowledge

Someplace Health And Fitness. Someplace NY

  • Personal Trainer Certificate (May 2005)

Red Cross

  • First Aid and CPR certificate (May 2004)

Technical Skills:

  • Knowledge of computers and computer programs including microsoft word, excel, power point, etc
  • Ability to use high tech gadgets and equipment used in health and fitness

Someplace College, Someplace NY (August 2012-present)

  • Pursuing degree in sports medicine (expected graduation date: May 2016)

Professional Experience:
Someplace Gym, Someplace, NY (June 2012-present)

Personal Trainer

  • Setting fitness goals and schedules for my clients
  • Educating clients about nutrition and helping to create a healthy diet for each individual
  • Teaching aerobic, cycling, dance, and yoga classes
  • Working one on one with clients with weight training and using exercise equipment
  • Keeping logs and entering key information into the computer so the client can track progress

Anyplace Gym. Anyplace NY (July 2005- June 2012)

Personal Trainer

  • Working one on one with clients to help them reach their health and physical goals
  • Discussing workout plans and helping with using weight training equipment
  • Planning aerobic exercise routines for clients
  • Creating healthy diets and discussing nutrition with each client
  • Creating logs and summery of progress

Congratulations, you have now completed your personal trainer resume. After your submit your resume to the potential employer, they will review the resume and if your qualifications match, you may be selected for an interview. During your interview, expect to go into greater detail of what is presented on your resume. If you would like help getting ready for an interview, many career centers offer mock interviews. Mock interviews are pretend interviews that give you the chance to get an idea of what you’re going to discuss in your interview ahead of time. Interviews can be stressfull for many people, but practicing can significantly lessen the stress and fear associated with going on an interview. Make sure you dress professionally and are on time to the interview. Good luck with your job search! You are now on your way to landing a position in the health and fitness field!

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