How To Write A Police Officer Resume That Is Interview Winning

Police officers work in collaboration with the communities they serve to maintain law and order, protect the public and their property, avert crime and decrease the fear of crime while improving the quality of life of citizens. They use different technologies to protect citizens, single out the culprits of crime and make sure those who break the law are successfully prosecuted.
The major priorities of police officers include keeping order in the public by combating any organized criminal groups, countering terrorism threats and taking action against anti social behavior. Police officers work directly with members of the criminal justice system, social workers, local businesses, housing authorities and schools to offer the best advice, education and help to those seeking to reduce crime rates and those that have been affected by any form of crime.

Police Officer Resume Writing Tips

Creating an exceptional well written resume for police officer is vital to getting a job as a police officer. All over the world, professional’s use resumes which act as detailed calling cards that let a prospective employer know exactly who you are, where you would like to go with your career, and the level of experience you have and what special skills you will bring in the company.
Everyone from administrative assistants, LPN’s to phlebotomist must craft an excellent resume that will grasp the recruiter’s attention. This is not different for those looking for a career in the police force, since a positive temperament and character are crucial behaviors necessary in this job. Taking the first step in writing your resume is the most difficult, but don’t be afraid. Check out our sample resume and write yours with this format. Do not copy and paste it. Let it inspire you to come up with an even better one.

Resume Sample

Personal Information:
123 4th St NW, New Jersey

Statement Objective:
Seeking a police officer position at New Jersey police department to utilize my excellent skills and capabilities to serve and protect my community.
• A team player with a result oriented and proven record
• Multilingual-can speak and understand several languages
• Exceptional communication skills, written and oral
• Highly knowledgeable of different computer application systems
• Highly experienced working with the public in volunteer work.
• Participated in different criminal justice work shops
Police officer, Las Vegas Police Department – Las Vegas
• Carried security checks on residences and commercial buildings
• Investigated crimes that were reported
• Made arrests when necessary
• Patrolled different areas using motorcycles
• Controlled traffic
Major achievements
• Gave CPR and first Aid to road accident victims on my first day of work
Education and Training
• Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice
• Las Vegas High School – Diploma

Now, what makes an outstanding police officer resume and what can you do so that your resume stands out among hundreds of applications?
Here are the basic requirements for a well formatted resume.
• Personal information
• Statement objective
• Good profile
• Level of experience
• Education and training

The bit about personal information is very straight forward. This is information that the recruiter should see the first on your resume: name, address, telephone number and email address
The next section is somehow difficult, but pretty simple. This is where most job seekers get it wrong because they are not sure what they should do. Well, the objective statement is a very short description about yourself and what unique skills you will bring with you if you get an opportunity in the company you want to join.
The profile part gives the recruiter a clue on who exactly you are. This is the place where you can brag about yourself. Let the employer know what exactly you are capable of doing. Have you won a competition that is related to this job description? Do you have excellent skills working as a member of a team? This is where you will let people know what you are capable of doing. Be as detailed as you can about yourself in this part, unless the application instructions state otherwise. If you want to join the policing world, then you will have to always give complete information about yourself. In this line of profession, “an omission is akin to a lie”, so it’s important to take the inclusion of all the information very seriously. However, do not lie.
The experience section of your resume is reserved for those jobs that you have done that directly relate to the position you desire. If you worked in a restaurant while still in high school, skip that. However, if you worked in a law office, then you may want to include that.
The other part about your education is just straight forward. Write down all the diplomas and degrees you have received, giving close attention to any course you did that would be great on a your resume.
Finally, facts check. Ensure all the information that you have written is correct. You really don’t want to have errors in your resume, especially if you are the one enforcing the law.
Every resume has these basic sections, so it’s up to you to make yours stand out above all the others. Professionalism is key in every resume, but a little personality will influence how the recruiter views your resume.

police officer


Police officer job description

Police officers quickly respond to emergencies and regularly patrol routes watching for any suspicious activities. They also spend their time helping citizens and completing paper work. Police officers in larger cities usually take part in community policing , a method in which police officers form personal relationships with the local community people , so that they are comfortable to approach police officers and report any criminal activities in the area.
Police officers are also assigned to work in colleges, high schools, train stations and other public places. Police officers within special agencies always wear uniform for easy identification.

Police officer duties

Police officers main duties are to protect the public, enforce criminal and vehicle laws and enhance good community relations. They also identify, pursue and arrest suspects of any criminal activities. Police officers also record facts and prepare reports that explain incidents and activities.
Police officers are also specialized in firearm training, chemical analysis, finger print identification and other kinds of specialties. Most of them are assigned to special units which include horseback, drug sniffing dog, motorcycle and (SWAT) special weapons and tactics among others.
Police officers who work in municipal departments usually offer court room security and carry out other different administrative duties.

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