How To Write A Real Estate Resume That Sells

Buying or selling property can be a difficult and time consuming process for a person or a family to manage alone that is why the services of a real estate agent are important. For people buying homes, real estate agents are very helpful since they are knowledgeable about their local area and can give recommendations of neighborhoods that match their clients’ needs. Real estate agents also help in eliminating a lot of choices that may be out of the client’s expectations saving the buyer time.
On the other hand, home sellers use the services of real estate agents because they have access to better marketing tools and strategies that will expose the home. The real estate agents in return get a certain amount of the selling price when the home is eventually sold.

Resume writing tips for a real estate resume

A lot of recruiters claim they are seeing poorly written resume recently, more than ever. Before you waste your time and chance of employment, here is how to write a resume that sells.
Make your contact information pop
A lot of people ignore this and you will often find real estate CVs that have the contact information tacked somewhere at the top in a very small text. Hiring managers come across so many names and you will be doing yourself a favor by firmly planting your name in their minds. Pick a large, bold font of your contact information and place it at the top of your resume.Real-Estate-Agent
Tailor your resume for your industry
Marketing and design professionals are allowed to use fancy fonts and papers, but in this industry, things are a bit conservative. Ensure you use a PDF file if you are sending your application online. Although there are other different programs for text editing, not all users will have the program to read. For example, if you create it in Microsoft word, a lot of Mac users will lack the program and may encounter problems reading the .doc format. However, almost everyone will be able to access a PDF file.

Be concise and make use of bullets
Try your best to limit your resume to just one page. If you have had a really long career, you may be exempted but always remember to keep the one page rule. Anything that comes on the second page may not be read, so all the important information should be put on the first page.

Employment history
Your employment history is the spice for your resume and the area where most job seekers fail to secure an interview. To write an effective resume, always use verbs. Verbs grab the attention of any potential employer.

Education and training
Unless you are just starting out in your career, just skip your high school diploma. However, ensure you write down your college credentials. If you are continuing your education, let the hiring manager know that. This is a very helpful area that keeps your real estate resume up to date. Immediately you complete any kind of training, ensure you add it to your resume so that you do not forget.
Achievements and honors
Many professional resumes begin with the job seekers education background but in the real estate, everything is all about results. If you have gained any honors and achievements from your previous jobs, make sure to include that. If you are just starting out your career, you may just begin by writing a summary of your strong skills and your specialty areas. Check out our sample of a good resume samples.

Real estate resume sample #1

Tom Lewin
345 Avenue park, Apartment 09, Block D, NJ 90877
Mobile phone: (098) 0731-3423167, Email:

OBJECTIVE STATEMENT: Dynamic and self motivated real estate professional with 10 years experience in the development and acquisition of property. Great at forming new and maintaining old relationships with clients to create new business opportunities.
• Increased sales revenue for real estate by 30% for the year 2008-2009
• Sold Lynsark park property at 10% more its market value
• Created an online database that made it easy to get information about the location and price of property.
Real Estate Agent | Fortcom properties, Avenue Park| July 2009 – Present
• Met with potential clients to discuss about the purchase of specific properties
• Made sure that clients were presented with the right titles for their property
• Carried research to be sure that properties were not involved in legal battles
• Took care of all the paper work related to buying and selling of property
• Accompanied buyers during inspection of properties
• Gave advice to clients on the market trends
Licensed Real Estate Agent – New York
New York State University
Bachelors in Business Education

Realtor Job description

Real estate agent
A real estate agent mainly helps a client to sell or buy their property. Because their job revolves around the property market, they need to be aware of the prices in the property market and what is coming up in the future. For a real estate agent to be successful, they must build contacts in their line of business. It is also crucial that you understand your client’s needs and provide them with viable options. You should also be knowledgeable about the legal procedures that are associated with both buying and selling of property. You are expected to give advice to your clients about all the legal paperwork that is involved in the buying and selling of property and explain all the procedures needed.

Real Estate Agent Job duties

As an estate agent, you will be expected to use adverts so as to make prospective buyers aware of the sale of properties. You will also be responsible for determining fair prices for the properties you are promoting together with the client and an appraiser. To effectively do this, you will need to know the size and location of the specific property you are selling. This assists you to offer your client the best options regarding the selling and buying of property. Showing the property to potential clients is part of the job duties of a real estate agent. You should be able to convince even the most of hard to please buyers, without seeming too pushy.
A good agent should be aware of the property they are selling before finalizing a deal with the client. Never make false claims to make profits as this will only spoil your reputation later on. Inspect the property you are selling thoroughly and make the right market price evaluation. You also need to be great at negotiations since you are the mediator between the seller and the buyer. After a client agrees to buy or sell a property, you should start the paperwork involved immediately.

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