How To Write A Security Guard Resume: Sample And Tips

Resume writing can be a challenging, and sometimes even an intimidating task for many people. A lot rides on your resume. When looking for your first job, finding a new job, or going in a new career direction, the resume is the first thing a potential employers sees when considering you for employment.
First impressions are very important. That’s why you want to make your resume perfect. A resume that includes all the necessary information and is short, to the point, and is clear and easy to read is the first step to landing a job. The goal is to make your resume stand out above the rest.

Becoming a security officer requires many special skills and education. Security guards have a lot of responsibility and are trusted with the safety of the public. In addition to skills related to protecting the public from harm, they also require interpersonal and communications skills. Technological skills are also extremely important for this position since a lot of their work deals with security cameras and devices, and metal detector screenings. Highlighting these kinds of skills on your resume is key. Knowing what to include in your resume can be tricky. But it you pick a format, and stick too it, filling in your resume with quality information will come easy. The format of a resume is what allows the employer to look over your resume, and at first glance, be able to get a good idea of your strengths, skills, experience, and education.

An example of an ideal resume format is one that includes the following information. At the very top, your contact information, followed by your career objective. Next, right under your career objective should be a list of your key skills. The list should be short sentences that stand out. Your education, certifications, technical skills, and professional skills should follow. It is best to keep a resume to one page if possible. If you need to add an additional page in order to complete all of your important information, then make sure you fill the additional page completely. This makes it look neat and complete. Remember, your resume is a brief overview of your skills and qualifications. When you get called for an interview, you will be able to go into more detail about your skills and experience.
To get you started, here is an example of a resume format that you can follow:

Security Guard Resume Sample

John Doe
1 Street Rd, Someplace, NY 11111(111) 222-3333●

Career Objective:
To use my skills and extensive training to provide safety and security to the public. To use diligence in making sure that property is safe and secure. To use my technical skills and the use of high tech security cameras and devices to aid in security of the premises. To utilize my hands on experience combined with my education to provide outstanding service.
Key Skills:
-Diverse Experience in security and law enforcement techniques
-Patrol skills such as guarding against theft, vandalism, and criminal activity on the assigned premises
-Experience handling emergency situations such as accidents, medical emergencies, and other threats and concerns
-Trained when and how to report suspicious activity
-Excellent judgement skills
-Trained on the use of safety equipment such as metal detectors, security alarms, and security cameras
-Exceptional Interpersonal and communication skills

Someplace College University. Someplace NY. (August 2000- May 2004)
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

-First Aid and CPR Certified (May 2000)

Technical Skills:
-Extensive knowledge with the use of security cameras and other high tech security devices
-Trained in multiple computer programs such as Microsoft office, excel, power point, oracle, and java
-Ability to learn company specific computer programs quickly and efficiently

Professional Experience:
Someplace Mall And Shopping Center (Feb 2007-present)
Security Officer
-Patrol premises and surrounding area
-Use security cameras to determine area is safe and secure
-Train others in monitoring security cameras with 24 hour surveillance
-Perform Safety Inspections
-Take necessary action when needed

Someplace Hospital Medical Center. Someplace NY 11111 (August 2004-February 2007)
Security Officer
-Paroled premiss, directed traffic, and directed visitors
-Operated security cameras and other technical devices
-Reported incidents and suspicious activity
-Kept logs and wrote reports

resume for Security GuardAfter you submit your Security Guard Resume, and it is reviewed by the potential employer. If your qualifications match what the employer is looking for, then you will most likely be contaced for an interview. The interview process can be quite stressful for many people. A lot of career centers offer interview preparation workshops which include mock interviews. Mock interviews are pretend interviews that help you get an idea ahead of time of what you’re going to say in your interview. After participating in one of these preparation interviews, you will have a better idea of what will be asked, and it can significantly lessen the fear and stress associated with a job interview. I highly recommend everyone taking advantage in one of these programs.

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