14 Nursing Blogs Every Nursing Professional Needs to Read

Nurse practitioners, certified vocational nurses, registered nurses, and various other similar workers are always considered to be invaluable assets to the healthcare industry. Their efforts are what enable surgeons and doctors all around the world to offer best care for patients competently. There are several nursing blogs that reflect this point with a unique outlook.

NURSINGIf you are a nurse by profession or looking to enter the industry in near future, there are some great nursing blogs that can give you all necessary insights about the profession. Following are the top 14 nursing blogs you should read:

1)  Digital Doorway

Nurse KeithThis nursing blog, run by a male nurse named Keith Carlson (Nurse Keith), is focused exclusively on providing comprehensive career training for the smart healthcare professionals and nurses of this century. Nurse Keith uses his blog to help nursing professionals create satisfying and healthy professional as well as personal lives. All necessary information on preventing burnout, career management, and a lot more are offered for young and vibrant nurse entrepreneurs. Keith tries to showcase the marvel of being a nurse, so other nurses understand the significance of their career and hold on to it.

2) The Nursing Site Blog

Authored by Kathy Quan, a registered nurse (RN) of over 30 long The Nursing Site Blogyears, The Nursing Site Blog aims at educating nursing professionals around the world about each possible detail in the industry. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and a Public Health Nurse (PHN) certification, Kathy implements most of her skills and expertise in home health care and hospice, in quality improvement and as a branch manager, nursing supervisor, and a field nurse. She shares her own experiences to make her readers understand the benefits and struggles associated with this profession.

3) The National Nurse for Public Health

The National Nurse for Public Health

The fact that increasing endemics and rising costs of treatable diseases are troubling the healthcare system in the United States is well-recognized by nurses. As a result, many nursing professionals are putting in their best efforts to mobilize nurses nationwide. They suggest that the initiative of a National Nurse for Public Health would drive nurses from every community to augment their efforts in helping the country to focus on preventing diseases and promoting health. If you wish to be a part of this campaign, you can follow the news on this blog.

4) Nurse Practitioner Business Owner

Nurse Practitioner Business Owner

Barbara C. Phillips, the owner of this blog launched it as a guide for Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who practice privately to share resources, connect with each other, and offer support. The blog consists of an exclusive resources section that shares NP business trends, tips, laws, and other details. If you are an aspiring NP business owner, you can easily gain inspiration by reading the stories of other nursing entrepreneurs posted on the blog and obtain knowledge to develop your business.

5) Alternative Nursing Careers

Otherwise known as Different Types of Nursing, this nursing blog run by a registered nurse Tina Lanciault discusses about the wide range of alternative career options available for nursing professionals. Tina’s goal is to help nurses by providing all necessary resources to find their aspired career path. She provides information about the less-exposed and unknown nursing jobs, and posts articles on topics ranging from job search to detailed profiles of unique nursing jobs. If you are a nursing student or recently graduated looking to enter the workforce, Tina’s blog will serve to be a great resource for you.

6) Daily Dose

Daily Dose

Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose is a nursing blog authored by Barb Dehn, a registered nurse and nurse practitioner with years of experience under her sleeve. Since the launch of her career and blog, Nurse Barb has made several appearances on TV, which has made her one of the most well-known nurse practitioners in the US. In addition to appearing on the famous TV show The Doctors, Barb continues to make appearances on her local news station regularly. Her opinions and suggestions influence nurses as well as patients all across the nation.

7) A Journey through Nursing School & Beyond

A journey through nursing schoolThis blog, as evident from its name, narrates the story of a woman and her journey from being a nursing student to becoming a successful registered nurse. The mother of two shares all her encounters in nursing school, and how she managed to balance her student and family life, overcoming struggles on both sides. In addition to discussing such adventures, the author also shares her weight loss efforts and experience with the aim of inspiring other young souls in taking control of their futures and lives.

8) Labor of Love

Labor of love

Labor of Love is a doula and childbirth services group based in Atlanta, Georgia. The service’s blog includes posts explaining the fascination of childbirth from the standpoint of a medical staff. From personal testimonies to childbirth tips to career advice, the blog contains articles on different niches. If you wish to be a part of this field, then the details on this blog will have answers to all your queries.

9) The Days When I’m Not a NurseThe days when I'm not a nurse

This blog reflects the personal side of a nurse’s life. Anna, the author of this blog, shares every detail of her personal life including her marriage, education, hobbies, and a lot more. Along with her husband Mo, Anna started the blog as a way to kill time during her days off, which has now reached audiences all across the nation.

10) Did I Really Sign Up for This?

Now that’s a catchy title for a nursing blog. Run by Candi, a Did i really sign up for thisregistered nurse and mother of two beautiful children, this blog details in the ins and outs of nursing school after she enrolled to become a Nurse Practitioner to improve her career. She shares both the pluses and minuses of the nursing profession in a funny, insightful, and inspiring way. Therefore, you are sure to be entertained by her posts when you go through her blog.

11) Confident Voices in Healthcare

confident voicesBeth Boynton, a registered nurse specializing in organization & management, is also an author who attracts healthcare consumers and professionals to her blog Confident Voices. In order to drive nursing professionals to become better listeners and better speakers, Beth also shares information about her medical workshops. It is important for nursing professionals to be astute at any point in order to make well grounded choices for their patients. People get to learn this quality through the author’s improv lessons, which give them the confidence to make good decisions. The author also welcomes new and unique ideas and also posts from guest bloggers.

12) Mimi Secor

Mimi secorBeing a family NP, Mimi Secor works in the healthcare industry for thirty six years and specializes in women’s health. This healthcare consultant and public speaker uses her blog to offer advice on different health issues in women, right from childbirth to breast cancer and more. She is also the host of a radio show named Partners in Practice on Reach MD, in which she talks to NPs from across the country about ways through which they strive to improve healthcare.

13) Seasons Wellness

seasons wellness

This blog is controlled by a health and wellness group located in Knoxville, Tennessee. It has blog posts of a wide array of topics, including hormones, weight loss, cancer, and beyond. Ad this blog isn’t directed by a single or a group of nurses, it definitely stands out from the rest of the blogs on our list. Howbeit, it doesn’t lack in the amount of valuable information and insights it provides on the significant healthcare issues. So this blog can be everything you are looking for to learn about treating your patients right.

14) Diabetes Steps Rx

As its name suggests, this blog is focused towards the prevention diabetes steps rxand treatment of diabetes. If you are looking to pursue your nursing career in the field of diabetes in adults and children, then this blog would be the right choice for you to gain insights and inspiration. It offers great suggestions on medications, exercises, dietary changes, and other lifestyle changes required for enduring diabetes. Cheryl Winter, a family NP specializing in nursing and nutrition authors the blog and controls the organization.

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