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sous chef garnishing food

Sous Chef Resume Samples And Job Description

A sous chef has an important role in the kitchen. The job of a sous chef usually involves cooking different meals, supervising the other members of the kitchen staff and playing the managerial role in the kitchen. Most high end restaurants, casinos, cruise ships and hotels employ sous chefs so that their kitchens are professionally […]

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How To Write A Maintenance Resume

Writing a good resume that you can send out to perspective employers is the first step to landing a job in your field. First impressions are very important, and your resume is the first thing an employer will see when considering you for a position. Resumes differ slightly, depending on the type of position you […]

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Waitress Job Description, Duties, And Salary

Although different restaurants use different job descriptions for waitresses, the duties of a waitress are almost similar from employer to employer. As a waitress, you should check with customers to make sure that they are comfortable and enjoying their meals and correct any problems that customers may have. You should also collect all the payments […]

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Restaurant Manager Resume Samples and Writing Tips

Normally, restaurant managers are the ones responsible for managing inventory, staffing and supervising just about everything in a restaurant. The resume for this position, is considered as the primary interaction between you and the potential employer. In this case, there are some of the important tips that will help you in writing a good restaurant […]

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