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Health Care industry is full of opportunities, specifically for those who are certified nursing assistants. certified nurse assistant (CNA) is constantly short in supply and the demand is high. You might think, then, it must be easy to find a CAN job, why bother with the resume? Well, despite high demand for CAN jobs, there are still big differences in terms of benefits, salaries, and the types of work that’s involved. A good, stable job with great benefits is always what certified nursing assistants are fighting for. If you don’t want to settle for any job, then it’s important to write a killer resume that will impress your employer. Here are some of the helpful tips for you to write a perfect CNA resume.

Top CAN Resume tips are…

Certification and training

On your resume, you have to document where and when specifically you were certified. Make sure to note any other certifications that can boost the quality of your resume For CNA position; any kind of specialized training, first aid, food handler’s, courses that pertains to nursing special populations and many others.

Make a list of your relevant work experience

cnaResumeIf in any case you have worked in the health care field, list it on your resume. If you have not had any official CNA work experience previously, make a list of any experience you have related to health care. In this case, internships and volunteer work are the best examples to mention.
Stating your career goals and the steps you plan to take. Also include how this work experience will benefit you in the long run.
If you are currently a certified nursing assistant, but you have bigger goals such as becoming a registered nurse, or even go to medical school, list them. It won’t hurt you but shows that you are a motivated individual. Normally, employers prefer employees with aspirations, and it is also a good idea to show on your resume that you have long term interests in this particular career.

List references from your past CNA jobs

If you have any kind of experience in health care sector, make a list of references from those particular jobs on your resume. Making a list of references that can testify for your professionalism can really help you gain trust when applying for jobs.
Above are some of the best tips for you to write the perfect resume. Another tip that we would like to mention is to simple consult with your fellow friends or mentor who have done this before or look for a qualified career counselor to guide you in writing your resume. These tips have been tested by many successful certified nursing assistant and we recommend you to do follow these tips as well. If you have the relevant qualifications in this particular field, try to use these tips and we are confident that you will have an edge in landing your dream job.

CNA Sample Resume #1

Ada James
13457 Toronto, IA345656 (344) 456-6788

Certified Nursing Assistant

Healthcare professional having a good background in theory nursing, pediatrics, acute care, outpatient surgery and Intensive care Unit. Excellent in clinical, assessment and decision-making skills. Calm, compassionate and much focused individual with a proven ability to take charge in any emergency situations.


• Excellent in written and verbal communication
• Has experience in factors of age specific development specifically for geriatric patients
• Has experience in administering medication and injections
• High clinical skill level
• Well familiar with the knowledge of medical terminology


• Certified Nursing Assistant, Life Hospital,Toronto,2013-present


• Ensured the working area clean by utilizing the required cleaning standards.


  • Smart school, Toronto: 2007
  • Life School of nursing
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), 2007


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Resume Sample #2

Matthew Robert Smith

School Address: Residential address:
Billing Road, Northhampton 11 TH-D
Northamptonshire Brooklyn,
NN1 5RT New York,
England USA
(000)-111-1111 (000)-111-1111


To acquire a responsible position as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a Law firm that offers an immediate challenge, career opportunity and advancement.


M.S., Criminal Psychology at the University of East of Anglia-Norwich. 2005


2008 – Present Certified Nursing Assistant – National Legal Firm. NY
• Prepared chronologies of healthcare events
• Carried out research regarding the medico legal cases.
• Obtained, organized, reviewed and summarized all relevant documents like medical records, contracts, policies and procedures.
• Investigated medical literature to provide proofs during trials

2005 – 2008 Certified Nursing Assistant – BAUSCHS & SPENCER, MI
• Investigated and processed the claims information into the claims management system regularly with accuracy and data integrity
• Helped in determining the merits and defensibility of a case.
• Located and prepared demonstrative evidence.
• Created initial and consequent reports regularly that include analysis of applicable community standards
• Collaborated with clinic managers to recognize and resolve departmental issues.


• Medical & Forensic Literature Research
• Interpersonal & Communication Skills
• Risk Management
• Medical Investigation
• Computer Skills
• Managing Diversity
• Medico Legal Cases
• Detailed Knowledge
• Presentation Skills
• Time Management
• Problem-Solving


• Certified Nurse Assistant


• Society for Certified Nursing Assistants, NY, 2010

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