Best Dental Assistant Resume Sample That Wows

Are you currently a registered dental assistant or looking to make a change in your existing dental assistant career? the first step you should take is to polish your resume. This field of profession, similar to medical assistant, is one of the most challenging and demanding professions since you will need to have strong inter-personal skills to comfort and communicate with patients and and relevant technical knowledge to guide and educate the patients.

What is the primary responsibility of Dental assistants?

You as a dental assistant, is the one responsible for the increase of the dentist efficiency and performance. This may sound easy, but believe me. It’s NOT! The diversity in the tasks make this job challenging and rewarding. It is usually a profession that offers a great flexibility simply because of the consistent demand of dental assistants, with opportunities to work part-time or full-time. In this article, we will focus on things that you should include in your resume and tips to make your resume stand out.

What Does a Good Resume For Dental Assistant Look Like?

Dental Assistant Resume Sample #1


123-westside- Teneessee,TX- (000)-111-111

Self-motivated, reliable, energetic dental professional with 4 years of experience in dentistry, radiology, laboratory, sterilization and clerical duties. Proven record of earning patient’s confidence utilizing proper communication and customer service skills.

• Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) from Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)
• Currently licensed in dental radiology
• X-Ray and EFDA Certification since 2009
• BLS and CPR since 2010


Dental Assistant |PG Dental-brooklyn, NYC

MAY 2006 – Present

• Actively involved in all dental procedures
• Prepare patients mentally and physically before and after treatment
• Proficient in preparing and taking radiographs
• Prepared treatment setups for maximum dental operation efficiency
• M Performed clerical duties related to the dental program

Key Accomplishments
• Prepared and maintained the most comfortable dental treatment environment which led to 20% increase in patient satisfaction and 30% increase in referral and returned patients
• Co-wrote and co-designed clinic’s instruction booklet for patients after treatments and surgeries

Laboratory Related
• 8+ years experience in preparing and maintaining equipments and materials for all dental procedures
• Proficient in preparing tooth filling
• Experienced in providing metal comfort and easy-to-understand explanations/information about upcoming and ongoing treatments or surgeries
• Efficient in setting up all dental related tests
• Proficient in Microsoft Office programs and dental clinic billing and accounting softwares

• Strong social skills. Always make patients feel warm and welcom
• Adept at ordering dental supplies and maintaining stock
• Proficient in in detail oriented tasks such as record keeping, handling insurance and billing information, documenting general office procedures.

University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry, Chapel Hill, NC – 2009
Dental Assisting Program

• Hard working and capable of long work hours
• Strong inter-personal skills and passionate about providing the best experience for patients
• Strong work ethics

Key Things To Emphasize In A Good Dental Assistant Resume Are…

  • Provides assistance to dentist during various treatments or surgeries.
  • Collects relevant information concerning the medical history of the patients.
  • Instructs patients towards an effective oral care after a certain period of their treatment.
  • Complete patient’s agreements, billing, and communicating with suppliers.
  • Advise the patients about the necessary dental care in the future.

DentalAsisstantResumeIn the pursuit of dental assistant career, the first impression will usually start with your resume. It is key to make sure that it contains all the relevant information, show your strengths and qualities, relevant work experience, adequate education, certificates and also the proficiency. In addition to this here are some of the guidelines on how to design the perfect resume.

A Breakdown Of The Resume

Contact Information

  • Start with your contact information. This will be your phone number, email address, etc.
  • Mention your job objective: You can describe the reason as to why you are writing your resume. If you are in the middle of your career shift, try to include the important factors as much as possible. It can be composed of few short and more so effective lines: Pursuing a career as a dental assistant for it offers a scope specifically for facing various challenges.

Work Experience

  • This section should talk about your relevant work experience concerning the career you are seeking for. You can remove other work experience that is not related to dental assistant profession. You have to start inserting your work experience from the latest.


  • You need to have adequate qualifications. You should start by inserting your last degree if you hav, chronologically by moving towards your first degree.


  • If you complete any certification related to dental, it is recommended you mention them. These are like “extra credits” that can give you an edge.


  • In this section, you may insert some of your best achievements you have done so far as a proof for your skills and ability to work with patients and the equipment in the dental offices.
  • The job of dental assistant is not only on helping dentist during the procedures but also to ensure a pleasant experience for the patients. Therefore, don’t just limit your achievements on the technical aspects. Awards and volunteer activities are also important for dental assistant.

Last note: don’t forget to mention computer skills as it adds value to your resume.


Resume Example #2



Resume Example #3



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