Mechanic Resume That Is Exceptional

There is nothing as worse as getting into an auto garage and leaving the place hundred dollars poorer that when you walked into it. This is why everyone who owns a car wishes they were mechanics, but too bad they are not. A mechanic repairs vehicles and makes routine checks to ensure that a vehicle runs at the best way it should. A mechanic should have a good technical knowledge of the different types of vehicles, very keen to details and be able to work well with customers while keeping a patient and friendly attitude.

Writing tips for a mechanic resume

When writing a mechanic resume, often the most important thing is if you are looking for a mechanic job, is the experience bit. This is something you should always bear in mind when you are writing your mechanic resume. Although you can be the best mechanic there is in the world, you will still not be able to get the job if your mechanic resume is lacking. Here is what you should do so that you get that an invitation to interview and then land on the job itself.
Make your contact information very easy to read
Put your name in capital letters and in bold at the beginning, email address, mailing address and a telephone number each on their separate line.
Write an eye-catching objective
A statement objective is very important in your resume. Make the objective for the specific job that you are applying for.resume for mechanic
This will have a list of your skills as a mechanic. Briefly explain each skill that you possess. It is good to write these skills in a bullet list for easy reading. This will let your recruiter see what you are able to do at a glance. You do not need to give lengthy descriptions here since this will come later in your work history section. This is just a brief list of your skills so that the recruiter can see what you can do very fast and easily.
Education and qualifications
Write all the relevant degrees and certifications that you have earned in a chronological order. Make sure you also include the schools and colleges that you attended.
Work history
Write down your past job experiences starting with the most recent backwards. Write your job title first. Use bullets to break it out from the rest of the text.
Write only jobs that are relevant to mechanics and try to limit yourself to a maximum of three different job listings.
Rather than writing references at the bottom of the page, to save you some space, just write “references available on request” and then give them to the employer when asked to. This will allow you give references based on the kind of job you are applying for.

Additional Tips

Use the right keywords
This is very important especially if you are posting your resume online. Using the right keywords will help potential employers find you much easily. For instance, you can use words like auto mechanic or electrical systems specialist. This will enable potential employers get exactly what they are looking for.
Be brief and concise
Writing your resume in an outline format is accepted and you do not have to use complete sentences. Avoid being wordy, instead, be brief and precise. It will be great if you try and limit all your work in one page.
Avoid typos
Nothing screams careless than simple typos. Ask someone else to read your resume and correct any grammatical or spelling errors that you have made. A professional resume does not contain any errors.
Check out our for inspiration when you set out to write yours.

Mechanic resume sample #1

Taylor Jayson
123 Bellevue Rd
Washington D.C
(234) 890-6578

Statement objective: looking for a challenging position to utilize by skills as an automotive mechanic for the growth of the company and to increase my personal skills.


Head Mechanic, 2009- Present, Greyson motors, Washington D.C
Worked as a head mechanic supervising ten other mechanics and 5 trainees. My duties included diagnosis and repair of different types of vehicles and well as giving instructional work to the trainees.

Mechanic, 2005-2009 Karen motors, Washington D.C
• Worked as a floor mechanic mainly focusing in transmission and the brake system.
• Carrying out routine oil changes
• Helping in car and truck assembling
• Following the set safety policies and procedures
• Returning cars to customers after doing repairs in clean condition
• Diagnosing the reasons for any malfunctions

Jaykay automotive, Trainee mechanic, 2004-2005
Worked through all the branches of auto diagnosis and repair
Areas of expertise
• General maintenance
• Component building
• Dismantling cars

Academic qualifications
• Central Washington university- degree in auto mechanic
• Ashton college
• Coventics senior school

Available on request

Mechanic job description

A mechanic should be a well focused person who can work without any form of supervision. Reliability is key because your employer will need to trust you to work in a timely manner. You should also be tech-savvy because most diagnostic tests that are carried out many cars are computerized. As a mechanic, you are expected to repair and maintain different types of vehicles such as Lorries, vans, cars, motorcycles, buses, and coaches. You will carry out restorative and preventative work on brakes, gears, air conditioning and fuel pump. You will also be expected to test out new vehicles and do routine servicing on them.

Job duties of a mechanic

You will be expected to perform routine inspection and maintenance duties such as changing engine oil, checking tire pressure and replacing spark plugs. You may also be expected to trouble shoot and repairs may be diagnosing and fixing problems with different parts of a vehicle, from painting to the vehicle’s computer. You should also point out to your clients to replace some parts of the car body before they deteriorate. You must also be able to lift heavy equipment and work under some uncomfortable conditions.

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